Friday, September 27, 2013

Fresh & Fit Cooking Class

My best friend turned 30 yesterday and for her birthday her loving boyfriend got us a group cooking class. Probably one of the coolest gifts I've ever received for someone else's birthday :)  We took a Fresh & Fit class at L'Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda. The class was taught by Chef Nichole Ferrigno and she was incredibly knowledgeable and offered a plethora of tips/ideas on how to make everyday cooking healthier.  In addition to being a chef she is also a holistic health coach. 

Ingredients for our lentil salad. 

Come to momma! I dream of having a Viking cooktop like the one above, but I'll never have a family big enough to justify the cost or space. 

I could do some serious damage with these babies. 

Prepping the eggplant

My bestie skillfully peeling the beets. 

First course: spiced lentil salad with beets, walnuts, and feta.  Honestly I can count the number of times I've had beets in my life on hand and after this salad I plan on drastically increasing my beet consumption. 

Second course: Asian soba noodle soup with tofu and veggies. I learned that these soba noodles were buckwheat and gluten free! Who knew! I sure didn't. 

Third course: roasted eggplant roll-ups with spicy tomato sauce, herbs, ricotta, and parmesan cheese. Confession: I've never cooked eggplant before. The hubs has cooked it a few times on the grill, but I've never been the one to actually cook it. That is also going to change.  

Fourth course: orange and grapefruit with lime mascarpone and honey. 

This was the first cooking class I've ever taken and I certainly hope it isn't my last. I consider myself a much better baker than cook and the eagerness I have to try new recipes begins and ends with baking. Like many people I am completely lost when trying to navigate fresh herbs and trying to break the repetitive cycle of what's for dinner. 

I know one of the biggest complaints of using high quality ingredients and making everything from scratch is the sticker price. Organic is expensive! Grass feed meats are even more expensive! But no matter how many daily vitamins I take I know that the additional cost of using high quality ingredients to create a well balanced meat is worth it. 

My goal is to start with a few simple, yet healthy meals each month and little by little get healthier. It's going to be tough, but it needs to be done.

I highly recommend to anyone in the Washington DC area to take a class with Chef Nichole Ferrigno. My friends and I stayed after the class and talked nutrition for extreme athletes and I came away with some really great tips. For starters, I'm picking up some buckwheat this weekend! I'll be honest I wrote off buckwheat completely based on it's name alone and now that I know it's gluten free I'm looking forward to bringing it into my stomach life. 

Do you have any suggestions for healthier cooking? What's your go-to healthy dinner? 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Made in USA Statement Necklaces

There are moments in life where you just need something shiny to complete an outfit. Each one of those necklaces above could be paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans ensemble or act as the crown jewel on a formal gown. From punk to romantic any of those embellishments for your life will last you for years to come. With a major investment like a statement necklace I'd shy away from any trendy colors and stick with the basics. Let the metals do the talking.

Just throwing it out there that Hanukah begins in just over two months and Christmas is exactly three months away. Let the holiday shopping mental lists begin!

Which statement necklace is your favorite?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Black and White (Again)

Made in USA: Top: Nanette Lepore via RueLaLa (similar) // Skirt: Vintage (faux option) // Nails: Zoya 'Yara' // Lips: Revlon 'Berry Allure' Lipgloss 

Imported: Boots: old Pour La Victoire (made in Brazil) 

Houston we have a problem. I "tweaked" my hip over the weekend. Yes, I realize that makes me sound 90 years old, but it's a fact of life while marathon training. I'm not ready to give up my love of heels completely, rather I'm going to be reaching for wedges and thicker heels as much as humanly possible over the next few weeks. I'll do anything to delay the inevitable conclusion that I should probably just wear flats until November.

I realize that this outfit has the look of a waiter at an upscale restaurant, but I don't care. This black leather skirt has become my go-to staple since I picked it up at a consignment store. I think it's found its perfect mate in this Nanette Lepore blouse. That crepe blouse had me at its ruffles and glitzy black buttons. I hate to break up the pair, but I'm going to be wearing these items routinely until I literally wear them through.

I don't believe I've ever shared it before, but this is my go-to "quick and wet hair" look. Every woman needs to own a hairstyle that can be done with soaking wet hair in less than five minutes. Story of my life. Deep part, low ponytail, three braids, a few bobby pins and you're done. Satisfaction of proving your judgmental partner wrong when he asks, "are you going to be ready on time?" PRICELESS!

What are your go-to favorites that you make work for every season? Any other fast wet hair looks I need to incorporate into my life?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Navy and Green for Fall

Made in USA: Jeans: James Jeans via Bluefly (similar)  // Belt: Chicago Belt Company c/o // Nails: Essie 'Twin Sweater Set

Imported: Sweater: Gap old // Boots: Bandalino super old (made in USA option)

My favorite season officially begins this weekend. Maybe it was a bit too warm to break out the tall boots this week, but I didn't care. It's fall in my mind and I don't care what anyone else says. I'm looking forward to everything autumn has to offer.

Hot lattes become the default option. Jeans, sweaters, and boots become my daily uniform. Playing with the pups for hours on end in our yard because they can't handle the summer heat (poor little noses don't do well in extreme heat). Dark nail polish in every possible color. Snuggling by the firepit and then coming inside to snuggle some more by the wood stove. Running in capris, long sleeve shirts and finally racing. Bourbon Chase aka a 200 mile bar crawl/odyssey run through the major Kentucky distilleries.  Layering in scarves, blazers, and jackets. Plaid pajama suits became the de facto loungewear. Pumpkin beer, lattes, muffins, rolls and finally decorating pumpkins. Passing out candy to trick or treaters. Football games and October baseball. Apple picking. Endless baking. My best friend's 30th birthday. Jax's 8th birthday. The leaves changing colors. Laughter, laughter, and more laughter. 

I can't wait for all of it. If I could find a place where fall lasted the entire year I'd move there in a heartbeat. This fall weather has even gotten me dressing in colors! Let me just say I've been in mourning all summer and that was the reason for so much black :) 

What are you looking forward to this fall? 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Made in USA Camo

Free People Thermal Camo (on sale!) // Aqua Blouse // Sanctuary Camo Jacket // Edith A. Miller Mixed Print Dress (on mega sale!) // TEXTILE Elizabeth and James 'Coated Debbie' Skinny Jeans

Camo - it's the one print I've avoided like the black plague since I was a teenager growing up in the Catskill Mountains. I've steered clear of camo in all shapes and forms besides an Orioles camo hat I stole from the hubs to wear to a baseball game (seen here).

Why the hate on camo? Well, I grew up in the middle of a massive hunting area. I actually had an idiot hunter draw a bow on me while I was walking home from the school bus stop. That tool thought I was a deer because, "I was moving and I had red hair." I would like to point out that I was walking down the middle of the road.  So instead of loving camo I loved neon colors that screamed, "don't shoot me!"  This may or may not be why 99% of my running clothes are neon.

However, camo is making a huge comeback and honestly if you ask me it's because of a certain Robertson family who has a very popular show called, "Duck Dynasty."  True story. I'm obsessed with this show and if you don't watch it you're missing out one of the funniest families on television. As Uncle Si would say, "that's a fact Jack!"

Instead of dressing like Miss Kay you can dress like these amazing fashionable ladies and still pull off the camo look.

The secret to wearing camo is to keep the rest of your outfit feminine. Notice that all of these fashionable women are rocking seriously feminine shoes and accessories. Penny Pincher Fashion does a fantastic job of combining two "tougher" materials into one feminine look by adding on strappy heels and a glamorous statement necklace. Corals + Cognacs amps up the neon factor with a neon infused camo blouse and neon shoes. And she threw on stripes! Only Atlantic Pacific would adorn camo with a massive Chanel brooch, but the real key to her outfit is the belted jacket and the ruffle skirt. Bows and Sequins is all over the navy trend and combines a gray toned camo tee with a navy skirt. Don't even get me started on how amazing Running on Happiness looks by pairing a sequin blazer with camo pants.

The proof is right there. Camo can be feminine and fashionable when done right. My father is an avid hunter and he is probably confused from a pragmatic standpoint because these came looks are not functional. "They're not blending in with their surroundings!" No dad, they're not!

Instead of blending in with your surroundings you can flip the print around and stand out with camo. Just keep it classy!

How are you incorporating camo in your wardrobe?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Warm fuzzies

There are moments in life where all I want to do is change into a pair of comfy sweatpants, eat a mountain of Panera's baked potato soup, and cuddle with my furbabies. Yesterday, was one of those days.

Here's to the warm fuzzies in life. The happy moments that keep us moving forward when the world just refuses to make sense.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by the terrible tragedy that took place at the Navy Yard yesterday.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Faux Leather and Gold

Made in USA: Dress: Karen Kane (on sale!)  // Nails: Essie 'Chinchilly' // Lips: Revlon 'Berry Allure' Lipgloss

Imported/Unknown: Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 'Parker' Clutch (made in USA option) // Bracelet: Derng (made in USA option)// Necklace: gifted Wallis // Heels: Goodwill 

Yes, this is yet another all black outfit. I don't care that white had a major moment and was all over the NYFW runways the past week. I'm going to stick with my dark colors and enjoy every black outfit this fall and winter. 

New in my closet is this amazing faux-leather sheath dress from Karen Kane. I snagged that baby on sale during Labor Day weekend and I couldn't wait to wear it. I gleefully broke it out for a mid-week day-to-night outing in 90 degree heat. Even the hubs commented that it was different from other LBDs (yes, he knows what that is) because of the leather inserts on the front and back. I added a plain black blazer to keep it professional while at work, but ditched that layer in a heartbeat for date night. I could have boarded the crazy train with my shoe selection, but  I decided to keep it simple since I was going straight from work to dinner. 

I know this is just another black outfit for most folks, but this was actually a bit out of my comfort zone because I am NOT a yellow gold person. However, I decided to pair the few yellow gold pieces I have and run with it. One small step at a time. Maybe next week I'll wear a color. probably not

Did you snag anything during the Labor Day sales? If so, have you worn your new find yet? Anyone else have a significant bias towards either white or yellow gold? 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

American Classics: Made in USA Running Gear

The connection between my love of running is a partnership with my love of fashion. The more I run, the more I think about clothes, and especially shoes. I spend hours pushing myself every week to run more, get stronger, and be healthy. My gift to myself after a race PR is a new pair of shoes because if anyone has the muscle strength to rock the hell out of a pair of high heels it's me - the chick with the man ankles and calves. Ask anyone in my running group and they'll tell you I talk about shoes during the last few miles of a tough run and I'm not talking about sneakers :) I'm training for my fifth marathon and if I break the 4 hour wall I'll be getting something extra awesome as a treat for all those hard runs.

Below are a few of my absolute essentials for running, but these items would work for any form of exercise in general. I'm very partial to the "running brands" because those are the ones I come in contact the most while hanging out with other runners. As with everything in my life I've made a conscious effort over the past few years to buy American made products whenever possible. Some of these essentials I've had for years and others are new additions to my must-haves.

SHOES: The most important piece of athletic gear, especially running, is what comes between your feet and the ground.  I've recently switched to New Balance shoes and based on these past short six weeks I feel comfortable saying I'll be a New Balance customer for life. New Balance is the only major brand that makes athletic shoes in the United States. Please note, not all New Balance shoes are made in the USA, however items are clearly labeled part of the "USA Collection" on the New Balance website. I'm currently in the 1290, which is a lightweight shoe with an 8mm drop. The only negative thing I can say about this shoe is it only comes in three colors! On the plus side it was designed in Boston for speed and it's made in Maine. You should never, ever, pick a running shoe based looks or color alone, but I'd be completely lying if I didn't say that I've been eyeing up the Limited Edition Boston 990v3 because of the purple and orange color scheme. That shoe is made for Baltimore!

If you wear a neutral shoe and you want to take a chance on the 1290 you're in luck because it is on sale for $65.

SOCKS: I used to scoff at fancy socks, but then I got a pair as a race premium and I've been hooked ever since. My favorite socks are made in North Carolina by two different brands. My everyday favorites are the Brooks Essential Low socks. I even bought my non-running hubs a few pairs and he loves to wear them while working out. For really long distances I've recently started wearing the Thorlo Experia micro mini socks. $15 for a pair of socks is steep, which is why I save them for 15+ mile runs so I get my money out of them. However, $15 from my wallet is much less painful that that dreaded cortisone shot in my heel. Been there, done that!

SHORTS/BOTTOMS: "Hello, my name is Heidi. I run 40+ miles a week and my thighs rub while running. Welcome to my hatred of typical running shorts." True story. If I wear standard running shorts I have to wear spandex/compression shorts underneath of them to save my thighs. Awesome. I love capris, but capris don't love high temperatures. Enter the LD Easy Run shorts from RaceReady. The first time I wore mine I thought I forgot to put on shorts because they were so light (and it was 4:30am). Yet, the longer length saved my thighs. I honestly don't think I could have survived this summer's heat if it wasn't for these shorts. Plus, they have more than enough pockets to hold fuel, chapstick, BodyGlide, tissues, gum, etc. RaceReady also make tops, normal length shorts, capris, compression gear, accessories, and running skirts (which my best friend is obsessed with and I give her hell for it all the time). Each and every single RaceReady product is made in the USA in either California, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, or South Carolina.

TOPS: Full Disclosure: I have yet to purchase a technical shirt because I made the conscious decision to buy other articles of clothing when I first got into running. My rational was I could survive on my soccer t-shirt stockpile and build up my technical shirt supply as I raced because most races include a technical shirt as part of the race fee. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that my elite Nike gear from my college soccer days was made in the USA. I would wager a bet it was because it was the same gear the USA Women's National team used at the time. In addition, I saved a gifted 1998 NYC Marathon shirt and it was also made in the USA by Nike. Dear Nike: please come back!  

SPORTS BRAS: My advice for any lady who is new to exercise is to spend every available penny you can on a high quality sports bra. The girls will thank you later. I have sports bras from Zensah Company and Solow and they both hold up to the demands of running and keep the dreaded boob bounce at bay.  Please note that not all items from Zensah are made in the USA, however each item lists whether it is made in the USA or Italy.

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Yes, I realize worrying about my hair immediately eliminates any "street cred" I had with hardcore athletes, but I'm fine with that deduction. I don't have the time nor the energy to fidget with my hair when I'm working out. I have tried numerous different headbands and they all let me down because I've had to waste more energy readjusting them rather than just not wearing one. Then, Sparkly Soul headbands entered my life last month. Only a month in and I'm obsessed with these things. I have the wide lavender sparkly headband and I've worn it on numerous runs and haven't had to adjust it once. The first time I ran with it I actually kept touching the band only to find it was still exactly where I put it. All amazing Sparkly Soul headbands are made in New York.

HYDRATION: Proper hydration is key to exercising; too much or too little water can actually kill you! Full Disclosure: I run with a CamelBak for long runs and it is imported. I'm trying to find a BPA free hand water bottle to run with for shorter runs. You know the water bottles that attach to your hand so you don't have to waste the energy gripping the water bottle. If you have a good hand water bottle please let me know! Post run and for other sports my go-to bottle is by Polar Bottle (made in Boulder, CO) because it keeps water freezing cold and I prefer freezing cold water. I have both the 20oz and 24oz bottles. They're BPA free and both dishwasher and freezer safe.  I also always have a Bobble with me. I love that I can filter water anywhere and these things are small enough to fit in my various purses.

STORAGE: Say what? Oh, you want to go running and you need to take your phone, ID, keys, etc with you? SPIBelt has got you covered with their products. I have a slightly irrational paranoia of losing my keys while on a run and I never put them in a shorts pocket. Instead, my keys stay in my SPIBand when I'm not using my CamelBak. All SPIBelts products are proudly made in Austin, TX.

My barometer for how I'm feeling post run includes "can I touch my toes?"

Running Tips:
Do yourself the best thing you can do and head to a local running store and get fitted for shoes. I go in for a check-up once a year and have my gait analyzed and fitted for shoes. When I first started running I had to wear massive stability shoes because my feet flopped all over the place. I blame the soccer player in me who ran like I was running with a ball. Now, I can wear just about anything but I love neutral and minimal shoes. For those in the Baltimore/Annapolis area I highly recommend Charm City Run. I've been fitted in two of their stores and have had wonderful customer service at every location.

While you're at a local running store buy BodyGlide. There is no greater pain than chaffing while on run. My CamelBak rips the skin right off my back if I don't lather up on BodyGlide. I lied three sentences ago - there is a greater pain than chaffing while on a run and it's when you shower afterwards and cry from the stinging water touching your skin. True story. I always carry a tiny stick of BodyGlide on me and keep another bottle in my gym bag.

Put your name somewhere on your body during a race. Many races now include your name on your bib because it's an amazing pickup to have a complete stranger cheer you on by name in those later miles.

Just get out there. Seriously, get out there and move. If you've never ran before get a pair of good shoes and start the Couch to 5k program. Don't give up. I routinely get my butt handed to me by people who just started running. There's a runner in all of us. That's how we used to survive - either running away from predators or chasing down food for ourselves.

I hope to highlight more USA made running gear in the coming months as I get ready for a few fall races. Do you have any made in the USA athletic items that you cannot live without? Please share in the comments section.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2001: We Will Never Forget

View of Manhattan from the World Trade Center observation deck in 2000. Photo taken by my father on our yearly pilgrimage to the various tourist attractions of NYC. 

Our hearts are heavy today because we're going to be transported back in time to that Tuesday morning. Without fail your mind will whisk you away to where you were that dreadful moment and every detail will feel painstakingly fresh. The emotions and wounds will feel raw. The call to do something will be strong. 

Be strong. Be kind. And never forget. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Martha Stewart's Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins

I saw this image on Pinterest last week and though to myself, "yes, welcome back pumpkin season." I stood in line at Starbucks for 20 minutes on Saturday morning just to get my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year and even though my legs were tired from a 16 mile run it was worth it. 

I followed up that first taste of pumpkin by making these scrumptious pumpkin doughnut muffins from Martha Stewart. It doesn't matter if your preferred spelling is "doughnut" or "donut" you'll agree that these things are amazing. 

Ingredients: Yield 12 muffins 

For the Batter
- 10 Tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature
- 3 cups all purpose flour (spooned and leveled)
- 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
- 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
- 1 teaspoon coarse salt 
- 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
- 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
- 1/3 cup buttermilk
- 1 1/4 cups pure pumpkin puree (from a 15 - ounce can) 
- 3/4 cup light brown sugar
- 2 large eggs 

For the Sugar Coating
- 3/4 cup granulated sugar (I reduced this to 1/2 cup and had plenty of coating material) 
- 2 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 
- 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted. 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter and flour 12 standard muffin pan. 
2. In a medium bowl, whisk together dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, nutmeg, and allspice). In a small bowl, whisk together buttermilk and pumpkin puree. 
3. Using an electric mixer beat butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, one at a time, scrapping down bowl as needed.  
4. On low speed, combine the flour mixer with the butter/brown sugar in three additions alternating with two additions of pumpkin mixture. Beat until just combined. 
5. Spoon roughly 1/3 cup of batter into each muffin cup and bake for 30 minutes (toothpick should come out clean). 

I usually skip the flour step for most cake recipes and only use butter. However, I have found that pumpkin sticks to everything and even though I'm using these amazing aluminum pans from Nordic Ware I still used the flour/butter combination and didn't have any sticking issues. 

Prep the sugar coating.
1. Heat butter on low heat until melted. Mix cinnamon and granulated sugar. 
2. Let muffins cool 10 minutes in a pan on a wire rack. Working with one at a time, remove muffins from pan, brush all over with butter, then toss to coat in sugar mixture.  Let muffins cool completely on wire rack.
3. EAT! 

Words cannot accurately describe these things! Fresh off the pan these treats were warm and just melted in your mouth. Later in the day they were cooler, dense, and definitely more donut like. 

My only recommendation is to half the ingredients and make 6 of these rather than 12. I know that sounds crazy, but if you're a family of two humans (and two Bostons who do not eat sugar) consuming all 12 of these in one weekend might be a bit much. I'm not saying we didn't eat them all this weekend and that they were absolutely delicious, but I imagine it would have been better for our waistlines if we ate half as much.

Forget it, I ran hard over the weekend! Bring on the treats :)

Are you ready for pumpkin season? What is your favorite pumpkin treat? 

Friday, September 6, 2013

K's Maternity Photos

Little one has the coolest initials of all time - BAM! 

I don't normally share the few photography shoots I do because I don't want my personal blog to become a plug for my teeny, tiny, photography business.  However, these maternity photos I took of my friend K just made me smile and that's reason enough for sharing. 

One thing I've really learned over the past year as I've worked with more clients is the vital importance of making the subject feel comfortable at all times. It doesn't matter how perfect the lighting is or how technically sharp someone is - if you can't get the subject to act natural then inevitably you're going to be left with a variety of forced and unnatural photos. 

However, it can't be underscored how vital it is to ensure any mom-to-be is extremely comfortable during a maternity shoot. Taking photos of a 33 week pregnant woman in 90 degree heat and humidity was not ideal conditions, but I made sure to bring bottled water and a few props with us to get K into the session and kept telling her she looked amazing. That's not an opinion, but rather a fact! We took lots of breaks to give both of us time to recoup our energy, drink some water, and try to cool off. 

I'm looking forward to a few more shoots this fall, including two sessions with K - one as a family of three and then their first session as a family of four (well, five, can't forget their crazy dog). Shameless plug, but if you're in the Baltimore/Annapolis area and would like to get together for a shoot please drop me a line at  

Now if only I could make myself more comfortable when it is my turn to be in front of the camera. I think a large part of the problem is I just want to be behind the camera at all times. It's a terrible problem to have. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

American Classics: NFL Game Day

Football season has been very kind to me the past two years. My beloved NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS won Super Bowl XLVI and then the hometown Baltimore Ravens followed with their own Super Bowl XLVII Championship.

Redskins... keep talking. it's not like Eli Manning has TWO Super Bowl Championships; who would have thought Eli would lead the Manning Family in Super Bowl wins. Or that Joe Flacco would have one before Matt Ryan.

I'm hopefully attending two (maybe three!) games this year, but will also be doing my portion of hosting game day parties this season. Thankfully, there is plenty of NFL gear out there that happens to be made in the USA. I know I only showed Giants gear, but you can also find fan gear for your team! That black leather hat and Frye boots work for any team. You can't go wrong with black.

Now, my NFL Game Day attire is pretty straight forward: skinny jeans, boots, layers, and a hat. Easy and done. I don't have time to be fussy at the stadium when I'm usually the only women in my group of friends. Oh, and will always have a manicure in my team's colors. Yes, I will rock the hell out of those striped socks during cold games. Okay, when I say "rock" I mean wear under my skinny jeans, but I have been known from time to time to take a boot off at a game and show my cool socks. True story.

I'm anxiously awaiting the new Alex and Ani NFL Collection to become available. Starting next week you'll be able to pick up an amazing piece for 15 NFL teams (Giants, Patriots, 49ers, Jets, Eagles, Ravens, Redskins, Bills, Steelers, Broncos, Dolphins, Cowboys, Packers, Bears, and Texans).

One thing I don't like wearing is a jersey. For some strange reason I can't find one that fits me right and is made in the USA. However, I am pleased to have found Meesh and Mia, a company that produces officially licensed women's gear for all of the NFL teams, as well as many collegiate teams. Each and every piece is made in the USA! Sign up for their email listserve to get 15% off your first order.

Finally, one thing I am NOT HAPPY about this gear is the new NFL Bag Policy. You can read all about it here. In a nut shell only tiny clutches (4.5in x 6.5in) and clear plastic totes are allowed into the stadiums this year. Of course the NFL didn't miss a beat and came out with their own logo adorned clear plastic bags available for purchase so folks knew their bag was permissible. The only crappy part - the bags are "produced internationally."

In the small defense of the NFL Shop you can search for "made in USA" and find items for every single team on the website. Results can be filtered down by category for easier searching. I sincerely hope they decide to make their bags in the USA for future seasons.

I'm on the hunt for a game day clutch that can hold my essentials and potentially survive a spilled alcoholic beverage or a ketchup explosion.  Any suggestions?

How about you? What is your go-to Game Day outfit?