About Me

I'm Heidi, your typical 30 year-old, hyper, red-head.  If I was born a few years later I would have been diagnosed with ADHD, but in my day it was just called, "being well rounded."  I try to live my life by laughing my way through it with family, friends, my husband (aka the hubs), and our two Boston Terriers.

I blog about the things that make me happy: fashion, home renovation projects, recipes, photography, and running.  My family members, pups, and the hubs (aka my life partner) make an appearance from time to time.

Why did you name your blog Jax and Jewels? I started this blog in 2008 when it seemed everyone and their mother started a blog.  I really had no idea what I was doing, although I still don't know either, and naming a blog after my two rambunctious Boston Terriers seemed like a solid idea.

Jax and Jewels

On February 20, 2005 my boyfriend gave me a book about dogs for a birthday present. Like any rational woman I thought he was giving me a puppy. Dude got down on one knee and proposed instead. Can you believe the nerve of that guy?!?!?!

Six months later we had been rejected by multiple rescue agencies because we were too young, living in an apartment that didn't have a fenced in yard, and had never "owned" a dog before as adults, yet we still wanted to have a dog.  We were able to bring home the runt of a litter from a respectable breeder who made us swear that we wouldn't breed the pup.  Mission accomplished!

Jewels came into lives as the strongest willed 5lb puppy the world has ever seen.  What she lacked in size she more than made up for in personality, attitude, and diva behavior.  She has the hubs wrapped around her little 13.1lbs self and only tolerates me because I like to cuddle up with a blanket at all times which keeps her nice and warm.

Four months later we re-homed the largest 10 week old Boston Terrier puppy our vet had ever seen.  Jax is still 26lbs of playful, butterfly chasing, clumsy, tennis ball snagging, puppy energy.  The dog still doesn't know how to use the steps on our back deck because he believes the preferred method is to Superman fly up and down the steps.

Oh, don't worry. Jewels totally runs the house and is the alpha dog. Jax doesn't stand a chance!


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  2. You guys are such a cute foursome. I love Boston Terriers!
    I'm really liking the atmosphere and space you've created here.

    -Addie from http://willcodeforclothes.com

  3. Hey Heidi....also a Heidi here! Nice blog...wish my hubs liked dogs. We have a child instead and mama, hubs and kid all have a collective fear of the sun having had parents who were red heads (we all got the skin). Fear not, namesake, when you are reapplying your SPF 75, a group like you are reapplying somewhere else in the world at the same time....you are not alone!!! Cheers!