Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Champions!

In case you didn't know the Super Bowl was this past Sunday.

I was born in Jersey.

I grew up in New York.
Any questions on my team loyalty?

My brother might be the only bigger Giants fan than me in my family. Oh, and he's physically huge which is a perk when it comes to intimidating fans of the opposing team :)
Every Super Bowl Sunday has to begin with the Puppy Bowl! Jax was all over the game. I think he was eyeing up a future date with more than one of the cute puppies. Then, a few more vital ingredients make for a fantastic gameday.
Pepperoni and sausage pizza puffs. Recipe found on Pinterest.
Beer and buffalo chicken dip.
One husband who refuses to dress in blue.
Giants cupcakes!!! Go Blue!

Then about four hours of intense moments of football intermixed with a few commercial laughs. Seriously, commercial makers throw in a cute dog or Vadar and you're good to go!

At one point in the game I jumped up to give my brother a high five and immediately crumbled and cried, "don't hurt me!" He roared a bellowed laugh and said he's been working on not breaking hands while doling out high fives. Whew! I knew it was stressful hanging out with a real Giant.
Victory!!!!! Posing with the pups in their Giants gear. The O's mancave was officially team blue on Sunday.
Who would ever have thought that Eli Manning would have the most Super Bowl Championships out of anyone in the Manning household. Unstoppable that guy is :)

There's always a scary end to these things. We were so hyped up at the end of the game for all the obvious reasons and then it just all ends. Where does all that energy go? Well, if you're huge like my brother then you tend to start picking up people like they were chess pawns. I was the littlest one of the group, so do the logic.

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