I grew up with a camera in my face just like so many other children. My dad was there to capture every moment in life - the bad hair days, the awkward teenage years, the award ceremonies, the growth spurts, the poor fashion choices (hey, I was a child of the 80s, it happens!), etc.  Somewhere along the way I didn't want to be in front of the camera anymore and instead I wanted to tinker behind the camera. 

That tinkering has led me to doing a few questionable things with cameras over the years.  For one, using duct tape to secure a camera to the front of a sled is not the best idea. However, waking up well prior to dawn and spending a few lonely hours chasing the sunrise is always a good time.  

I love capturing the little moments in life.  The sweet smile of a small child enjoying pure joy.  The tender kiss between parents after the birth of their child. The look of love people share with each other. The laughter that occurs anytime a dog is present. 

For more information please visit Heidi Charlene Photography. 

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