Made in the USA

I'm over fast fashion, dangerous chemical combinations, and the general short-term lifespan of 98% of the goods available in stores today.  I'm not in a position in life to waste money because who is really? I hate the feeling when you buy a shirt and it tears at a seam after a few washes or you purchase a new candle holder and it melts when you light a candle in it. Both of those have happened to me.

Quality and craftsmanship used to matter, but it seems more and more today everything is about quantity. How many pairs of shoes do you have? How many purses?  Where is all of that stuff going?  It's either overrunning the limited closet space in your house or possibly ending up in a landfill.

I don't need more "stuff" in my life. I'm over the clutter and instead I want to focus on items that are going to last for more than a season.

A few years ago I came across a federal requirement for a team project at work.  While diving into the regulations and going over the statistics I was shocked at how little goods were still manufactured in the USA. At that moment I made a conscious decision to try to Buy American whenever I could.

In 2011 the hubs and I bought our first home and at that moment buying American was even more important to me than ever. The challenges are certainly out there, but one thing I've gained for the blogging community is the great resource network.

I try to highlight American Made goods whenever I can on my blog - whether it is a cute skirt or a shiny new light fixture. Above all else I try to focus on the more affordable USA made options because like most people in the world money is certainly a major consideration for all purchases I make.

Think you can't buy made in the USA - think again!

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