Monday, April 20, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

I know, you're thinking, "wait, weren't you just at 18 weeks?" Yeah, I did that recap a week late because I just didn't have the energy to get it up in time, but trust me I'm officially at 22 weeks right now! 


Baby's size: Almost a full pound and the size of a spaghetti squash.  

I'm feeling: Officially pregnant all the time. I felt movement at 18 weeks, actually the night I ran a half marathon, and that caused a little bit of concern. Thankfully a quick call to the doctor and I was relieved that everything was okay.  The movement is definitely stronger now, although the hubs still hasn't felt Chalupa Batman's kicks, and those movements are off and on throughout the day, which makes it pretty hard to forget that I'm pregnant. My energy levels are certainly lower than they used to be when I wasn't pregnant, but I'm moving around really well at the moment and for that I'm eternally thankful.   

Physically: Still moving around pretty strong. My belly is definitely growing and I have a feeling it's added on more than the 3lbs I put on this past month. My own physical activity has increased this past month as the weather has warmed up. I'm not doing double digit long runs anymore, but I am running 3-4 times a week and walking almost every day. I'm actually very thankful for that 1.5 mile round-trip walk to and from work every day. One perk of taking mass transit! Normally this is the time of year where I would lose a few pounds of "winter weight" so I think my body is just transferring weight from one area to another.  

My Wardrobe: I technically can still fit into non-maternity pants with a belly band, but they just aren't comfortable for being away from home 10+ hours every Monday through Friday. I have three pairs of maternity trousers and I'm rotating them like crazy. Dresses are becoming my best friend. I have not yet been successful at finding maternity tops that work with my short torso and finding running maternity tops that aren't tank tops is apparently mission impossible. I'm incredibly frustrating by the limited maternity clothes selection in stores because I would prefer to try things on for sizing purposes. I've toed the small/medium line my entire life and now the minor differences between those two sizes seem even further apart. 

I'm Sleeping: Not as well as I was before. I'm experimenting with different pillow positions to try to find something that works. I haven't had to get up in the middle of the night yet to visit the bathroom, but there's no more lazy mornings in bed. I've got to get up and go seconds after waking up because my bladder doesn't have its normal holding power anymore. I haven't snored at all since that one incident last month, which is great.  I am fearful that come August I'm going to be sleeping my nights away on our recliner, but if that's what I need to do to get comfortable I'll cross that bridge later. 

Food Aversions & Cravings: Aversions are gone. Now that it's grilling season the hubs cooks onions outside so I don't' have to smell them at all. As for cravings I'm all about the milk and apple juice - just at separate times!  I'm actively trying to drink more milk and eat more cheese for calcium purposes. Dessert most nights is now a glass of chocolate milk.  My brother learned the hard way that I will freak out if anyone else drinks the last of the organic apple juice and doesn't replenish the bottle with the "correct" type of apple juice.  Sorry, but I'm very specific when it comes to fruit juices because I refuse to drink juices with a ton of added sugars. If I wanted that much sugar, I'd eat a candy bar.  Also, HANGRY is a legit phenomenon when pregnant. If I don't eat every 2.5-3 hours all hell breaks loose. It isn't pretty. 

What I'm excited for this next month: Checking more things off of our to-do list. The hubs has a lengthy list of things we need and want to get done before August and we made a ton of progress last month, but still have quite a ways to go.  We ordered the crib and glider, but unfortunately they won't get in until 36 weeks. I know, I'm freaking out over that.  Thankfully the dresser should be in next week and then we can get our shelves up.   I'm really looking forward to maintaining my physical activity as best as possible. The hubs and I completed a 10k over the weekend and I don't have another race lined up at this moment, but I had so much fun that I'm looking to run another 10k in May. 

The Hubs: I'm not about to start the canonization process just yet, but the hubs is a saint. I had a minor freak out about how much we have left to do on our to-do list and how little time left to do it. He was so calm and collected and when I came home from work that very day he was washing the carpets. Seriously, what guy steam cleans carpets? I know when most people describe their ideal partner they don't put attributes like calm and patient at the top of their list, but right now those are the qualities I need the most from the hubs. Although I think his patience is actually a slow-play to name our baby boy Stetson. Seriously, the man won't give up that name! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

DC Cherry Blossoms

Last Friday after work my best friend and I met up and walked over to see the Cherry Blossoms at the DC Tidal Basin. The weather forecast included scattered thunderstorms, but thankfully we lucked out with a lovely mid-60 degree gray evening. A few darker clouds rolled in for a brief moment and there was a sprinkle or two, but we just used those moments to fully enjoy standing under the blooming trees. 

I jokingly told my friend, "wow, I only took 174 photos!"  She was shocked, but in previous years when I was down for a gorgeous sunny day and another morning at sunrise I took 400+ photos on each previous occasion. It could have been a combination of the weather, the fact that we were both hungry, or my rapidly dwindling energy supply. Chalupa Batman was kicking up a storm, which meant he was either have a grand ol' time (totally my kid!) or was over the entire situation (totally the hub's kid!). 

Even if we didn't make it around the entire tidal basin we had an amazing time. I'm trying to schedule as many girls dates with my friends while I still have the energy to move around at a decent pace. This might have been one of the best girl dates of all time because there's nothing better than the beautiful scenery in DC during peak cherry blossom season. The gray skies were absolutely amazing because they acted as a filter and made the focus solely on the blooms. 

Okay fine, if I could have had a glass of wine with my best friend at dinner that would have been nice addition to the night. I'm fairly certain our waiter thought I was a recovering alcoholic because my best friend asked while we were ordering if I minded if she drank a glass of wine and then again later when it came time to order dessert she asked about the tiramisu and if it was soaked in any liquor. I fully appreciate her looking out for me! 

Anyone else make it down to see the Cherry Blossoms this year? I felt that they were on the paler side this year and there were only a few truly pink trees. It could have been the muted gray skies or that I was there a day before the "official" peak. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Space Between

Made in USA: Tshirt : old Les Femmes Velours // Jeans : James Jeans / Flats: Oka-B (on sale) // Bag: Clare V Messenger (other colors 25% off with code 'SPRING25')

I'm officially in that somewhat awkward space where all of my friends and family are exclaiming "Hello belly!" and yet to a complete stranger I don't look quite pregnant yet. It just looks like I could afford to hit the gym and that I haven't done any core work in a few months (totally true!). Or at least I didn't look pregnant to a kind waitress Saturday night and after her fourth inquiry if I wanted a beer I just blurted out, "nope, pregnant and the designated driver!" Maybe she just thought my pudgy waist was a beer gut.

I'm totally sticking out my belly in the photo above in order to make it look like I've got a belly going on.

But I digress. My days of wearing non-maternity pants are quickly slipping by me and these well-loved boyfriend jeans are my go-to pants as soon as I'm out of work.  I think my husband might burn them soon.

One thing he won't be burning any time soon is the Clare V Messenger bag he bought me for my birthday in February. I don't where he found the sold out and discontinued purple color, but I'm absolutely smitten with it. I'm fairly certain it has been the only bag I've carried since my birthday. It's been an absolute gem with the assortment of snacks, water bottles, belly band (just in case I decide my pants are not working at the moment), Tums, planner, etc. that are new additions to my bag stash. Sure I might have a Mary Poppins moment from time to time digging through it to find something, but I'm place in life where I'd rather have everything I need with me rather than panic and have to make a pit stop. That happened one time when I didn't have a bottle of Tums on me (heartburn hell) and I was absolutely miserable.

What's your carry-everything-in-your-life bag at the moment?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baby Boy!

Baby Boy Chalupa Batman has 10 fingers and 10 toes. He's healthy and all of his internal measurements are tracking spot on for his due date. Just keep cooking little fella and we'll wait to meet you in August.

And he's stolen an even bigger piece of our hearts.  Truthfully, I really wanted a baby boy. I mean this in no disrespect to my older sister, older brother-in-laws, or my younger brother, but growing up I always wanted an older brother.  There are zero guarantees that the hubs and I will ever have a baby girl, but I'm on cloud 9 knowing that we'll have a rambunctious boy in our lives in all due time.

It started to pour buckets as soon as we got home from the doctor's office yesterday afternoon and my idea of a quick photo session marking the occasion in a grassy field were promptly dashed. Thankfully we happen to have a guest room with ridiculously bright blue walls. So these photos might not be the most technically sound, the ISO had to be cranked way to high for my liking, but the emotion in them is something I'll cherish forever.

The gender didn't matter for us, but finding out our little one is healthy was all that mattered. I know I said I wanted a boy, but honestly I would have been just as ecstatic if we were told we were having a girl. I swear because just hearing our little one was healthy was the important news. Especially after running a half marathon last weekend, it was rather nice to have a solid update for those few family members who voiced objections about me running.

Now, the biggest struggle is just going to be containing myself and not buying every train or super hero item I see in stores. Although, I probably would have bought the same things if we were having a baby girl :) Lincoln Logs were my favorite toy as a child and I had more than one Tonka truck.

I swear, this is little ol' blog is not going to become a pregnancy diary. I'll get back to other things here soon. I'm not making any excuses for being a tad bit focused on the little one lately. This has definitely been a game changer.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 18 weeks

If I'm completely honest, I'm not one of those women who naturally knew what to do the second I found out I was pregnant. If I'm being brutally honest, there was a very lengthy pause while clutching a home pregnancy test. My first and immediate thought was that I needed to tell my husband, who was about to make our standard protein shakes for breakfast. Thank goodness the phone rang and that bought me a few precious moments to pull myself together.  After telling my husband I had no idea what I was supposed to do. 

The next 14 weeks have been the most tumultuous of my life, although I imagine I'm going to be saying that this fall when my world is tossed upside down with the addition of our little one. There were the euphoric highs of dancing around the kitchen after telling my hubs and seeing the smile on his face, having my grandmother remember our news after we told her on Christmas night (my dear grandmother doesn't always remember my name, so having her remember that we were going to have a baby really was amazing), hearing the heartbeat at 10weeks/2 days, watching our little one move around on the sonogram screen at exactly 13 weeks, and finally getting to share the news with all of our friends and family that after seven plus years of marriage we were going to have a baby. 

I'm in a much better place now where I can focus and hold onto those highs because I really don't want to revisit the lows. I started a journal where I kept weekly thoughts, but destroyed them after they turned a bit negative. I felt like my body was at war with itself and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. I'm in a great place right now and I'm starting fresh. I think flipping the chapter  in our well worn baby book and seeing that 18 weeks is the beginning of the fifth month was just the kick I needed to restart my tracking.  Just now on a monthly basis :)  And in typical fashion, I'm a week late already. 


Baby's size: a green bell pepper. 

I'm feeling: On top of the world this week. I ran a half marathon over the weekend. I use the term "run" loosely because it was my slowest half marathon time, however, that was the intention and goal going into it. I barely ran during weeks 6-13 so getting enough mileage in to safely warrant a half in just five weeks was a big achievement. Yes, my doctor approved me running! I don't know if it's the second trimester glow or if it's because the weather is getting warmer by the day, but I'm definitely seeing a marked improvement in my energy levels. I still fall asleep on the couch if I don't make it to bed by 10pm, but at least during the day I have the energy to take the stairs and move around as much as possible. 

Physically: My belly didn't start to show until week 17. And then it was BAM! Belly! Actually I'm pretty sure that from weeks 5-16 I just looked either bloated or that I had a big meal, so actually seeing a round belly was a welcomed sight.  The 6lbs that I've gained (after losing 5+ in the first trimester) have settled nicely around my belly and unfortunately in my chest. I actually had to wear a sports bra to work one day because I swear my chest grew a full cup size overnight. Thanks to Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter my skin is looking better than it ever has before. I don't know if it was the brutal winter, the pregnancy, or a combination of both, but my skin was a wreck for most of the first trimester. 

My Wardrobe: I officially need to buy maternity clothes ASAP. So far the only maternity clothing purchase I've made is a few belly bands. A dear friend gifted me some of her old maternity clothes and while most of them are summer clothes there is one pair of grey trousers that I've worn a few times. I can still button and wear my beloved James Jeans boyfriend jeans thanks to their low cut, but I'm pretty sure my days are numbered in them. I also think the hubs is ready for me to stop wearing them because they are extremely lived in at the moment. I can't remember the last time I wore a fitted blouse or a belt to work. Well, the last time I wore a fitted blouse to work I popped a button while hiccuping. Thank goodness for my scarf! I feel like I might have a chance of dressing my growing belly appropriately, but I am at a loss for how to dress my newly enlarged chest. It's a new problem area for me. I'm down to three sports bras that I can comfortably wear while logging mileage. Again, I'm not used to having that problem!

I'm Sleeping: Like a rock! I love sleeping. I haven't had problems yet with getting comfortable and I hope that continues for as long as possible. The hubs said I snored one night, but that was after an extremely long day and I haven't snored since so I'm hoping that was a fluke. 

Food aversions & cravings: The smell of onions makes me want to gag. It's hysterical because I used to sneak raw onion when dicing them up, but now I have to leave the downstairs area of our house when the hubs is cutting and cooking onions. I don't know if it is a craving per se, but I'm eating peanut butter like my life depended on it. I think that's more mental because during all of our daycare visits (8 of them!) it was hammered in that our kid wouldn't be taking a peanut butter snack to school. I think I just want to stock up on the peanut butter now in case my lifetime supply has an expiration date in a few years. 

What I'm excited for this next month: I feel like this is such a big month. We're ordering the crib and glider this weekend. Our mortgage refinance should be finalized. I've got a 10k race on the calendar in April. Most importantly, as long as little Chalupa Batman (yes, that's our fetal nickname!) cooperates we'll be finding out the gender next week. I think that means the naming discussion will kick up into high gear next week. Right now my husband's favorite name is Stetson. Yeah, we're working on it. 

The hubs: The man has been an absolute saint. He hasn't complained once about my lack of help around the house and he's never said to me, "really? another nap?" He kept the house functional during the first trimester, he's been cooking more dinners than me, and he's just been amazing. He coordinated all of our daycare visits.  He put together a spreadsheet on different strollers and car seats. He started looking at cribs online one night just to cheer my up. The man bought a new SUV last week rather than his dream sports car because obviously the SUV is more baby friendly! He's been putting up with an extra dose of my brand of crazy lately and he hasn't balked yet at anything. H sprinted out of the house to the grocery store the first day I had morning sickness and came home with soup, saltines, ginger ale, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's. He's been my rock and heaven knows I've needed him more than ever lately. It's a total cliche, but I feel as this pregnancy as brought us even closer together. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shamrock Half Marathon Recap

Remember my last half marathon recap from Richmond? I had a big goal when it came to the Richmond Half Marathon and it had nothing to do with me, but instead I wanted that to be my husband's first half marathon, not his only half marathon. 

Mission Accomplished.   Just a few short weeks after finishing his first half marathon the hubs was looking for a spring half marathon. His ideal race: mid-March (not a fan of running in the heat), relatively flat course (the man loathes hills), and something within relative driving distance for a long weekend.

Exactly one month to the day after finishing Richmond the hubs and I signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA. The race fit all of the hubs requirements (elevation went up to a whopping 12 feet above sea level) and the cherry on top was the race was even sponsored by Yuengling! Best yet was my best friend signed up to run the full marathon. Even though we don't usually run our races together it's always a welcome treat to run the same race as her. Especially when I know she's a logistics person and she'll plan the pre-race meals. Since we were "only" running the half we were in charge or post-race meals.

The timing of the race was the most important factor for us. We signed up for the race less than 2 days after finding out that I was pregnant. A few Google searches led me to plenty of other runners who safely completed half marathons early in their second trimesters and I didn't want to go too long past 20 weeks without first talking to a doctor. Actually, if we're being honest here my first appointment with my doctor was extremely heavy on the running and nutrition front and I received approval to run a SLOW half marathon at 18 weeks pregnant.  I'm not fast to begin with, so it was more of you will run at least one minute per mile slower than you run on a decent day type of approval.

Training for this race did not go according to plan. Morning sickness almost made me drop out as I barely ran during weeks 6-13 of my pregnancy. I knew I could beat the 4 hour course time limit by walking the entire race and that kept me going in my training. Thankfully, I started to feel much better during my second trimester and even if a few runs got shifted around, shortened, or skipped due to ice and snow I started to feel like a slower version of my former self. My longest run during this training cycle was a snow packed 10 miles that included quite a bit of walking whenever the trail was too slick. Considering that my last 7+ half marathons have all been a part of a marathon training cycle I was actually a bit worried about only having one 10 mile run before the race. But, onto race day.

Race Weekend: 
Expo: Nothing out of the ordinary to share. I had accidentally left my CamelBak at home and I needed to pick up a hand held water bottle at the expo. I went with a larger 20oz bottle because it had a pocket big enough to fit my iPhone, fuel, and chapstick. In addition to promising my doctor I would run slow, I promised a few worried family members that I would run with water and my phone in case anything happened.

I haven't ordered any maternity running clothes yet because I swear up until week 17 I didn't look pregnant. I barely have a belly and I actually thought a shirt proclaiming I was pregnant would draw unwanted attention to my already sensitive lack of belly. But, at last minute I started to have a belly and I was hoping to find a "mother runner" type shirt at the expo. I couldn't find anything and I was bummed about that.

On race day morning the hubs and I saw a woman wearing a homemade shirt that read "13.1 miles, 13.1 weeks pregnant" and I immediately regretted my decision not to have a fun shirt. The hubs was absolutely adorable and commented, "ha, we beat you! We're more pregnant!" He meant no disrespect and he was just trying to make me laugh. It was funny because I'm fairly certain that was the first time he's said the "we're pregnant" line. It's usually "we're having a baby" or "Heidi is pregnant."

Race Day: 
Our hotel was nearly perfectly situated between the 1 mile difference in the race start and end locations. Obviously, we picked that hotel just for that reason. Neither of us wanted to have to deal with driving and parking on race day.  I would highly recommend picking a hotel close enough to walk to the race in Virginia Beach because I didn't see a lot of options for parking near the start of the half marathon.  The finish line was also the same finish line for the marathon so parking there could have been very crowded. I believe the marathon start line was just a block or two from the marathon finish line.

We left our hotel at 6:30am and within 10 minutes we had arrived at bag check and had already dropped our bag off. Not too shabby considering it took us 8 minutes to slowly walk over to the trucks.

The port-a-potty lines looked extremely long and for once in my life I didn't feel like I absolutely had to go before starting the race. I had already planned on stopping at either mile 6 or 8 to pee during the race because I have found that even being a tiny bit pregnant makes me have to pee more often. :)

We headed over to the start of our wave, which was wave 7. I think we seeded ourselves in the 2:15 time frame because we really didn't know how this whole pregnant half marathon was going to go when we signed up for the race. My "goal" was to finish in the 2:15 to 2:30 window, but if I went longer I certainly wouldn't have been upset.  Right after the national anthem I noticed that the bathroom lines had shrunk considerably now that the first wave was starting. The hubs and I jumped in line and we were done and back to the start of our wave before it even started walking down the street. I believe we started at approximately 7:10am for our wave. During the 10 second countdown to the start of our wave our friend from Richmond found us at the start line! It was crazy. He had overslept on race morning and forgotten his phone, but he knew which wave we were in and he just looked for the red head! He is getting over plantar fasciitis and wasn't going to run, but when he heard I was going with a slow run/walk method he thought he could run with me. The three of us started together, but within a half mile I told the hubs to get moving and he went on ahead of me.

That was always the plan! Honestly, I think running with the hubs would have been more stressful because he would have been asking me the entire time, "how do you feel? are you drinking enough water? do you need to walk?"  I love that man, but we don't have to do everything together.

I'm not going to share my splits because they really aren't all that important to me. I ran three miles and then walked anywhere from .15 - .2 miles and then ran 3 miles. When I was running I tried to stay right around a 10 minute mile pace. There were a few times I would look down and see I was running a 9:30 pace and I would immediately tell my friend we had to slow down.  Like clock work at the water stop near mile 8 I told my friend I was going to use the bathroom. He was so kind to refill my water bottle for me and then walked a bit while I was in the bathroom line. I didn't want him to stop and potentially cramp up. The volunteers at the water stop had no problems with my friend refilling a water bottle, which I've never done before so I wasn't sure if they would mind.

Right after mile 10 I started to get tired. Not so tired that I thought I wouldn't finish, just a bit tired. So my friend told me to walk more. Honestly it was great. We skipped walking after mile 9 because of the water stop slow down at mile 8 and I might have ran a little bit faster trying to catch up. Normally I would have fought through the tired feeling, but since I had promised everyone and their mother that I would take it easy (including my own mother and mother-in-law) I gladly enjoyed a minute walk at the beginning of every mile.  I must have drank a bit too much water during those walking breaks because when I looked down at mile 11.8 I realized I had drank almost my entire bottle of water and it was just refilled at mile 8. Whoops! I told my friend that if we saw a port-a-potty without a line I had to make a stop. Yeah, who stops at mile 12.2 to pee during a half marathon?  The pregnant lady! 

I finished in 2:25:41 and I couldn't have been happier. Could I have ran faster and harder? Absolutely. Did I want to? Absolutely not. My friend and I talked the entire race and it was amazing. I jokingly told him that if I tried to kick it in at the end of the race to pull me back by my pony tail. That was probably the hardest part of the race - not to finish on a speed burst.

The hubs finished in a 2:04 which was just a single minute slower than his first half marathon. It was a weird feeling for him. On one hand he thought he beat his Richmond time because he cruised during the middle miles. His watch unfortunately needed to be restarted out on the course so he didn't have an accurate total time while he was running. However, he was extremely happy with that time because he didn't have as strong of a training cycle this time around. Between the weather and keeping our house functional while I was out for the count with morning sickness, running wasn't the biggest priority. He's already thinking about his next race, which is amazing.

Race Takeaways: 
I plan on running this race again in the future. The course is FLAT. I joked when running over a speed bump, "watch out for this hill" and all of the other runners near me laughed. I think there are two slight climbs on the entire course. And they're nothing in terms of elevation. We got really lucky with the weather and had an overcast morning without much wind. The only section of the course that was a tad windy was the last .7 where you're back near the beach and on the board walk. It did get a bit sunnier for those running the full marathon because it takes longer to run that distance and the marathon didn't start until 8:30am. My best friend said she was getting hot towards the finish of her race.

The on course support volunteers were amazing! Seriously, adorable kids and teenagers in yellow ponchos were helping out everywhere. They cheered, high fived, and provided lots of entertainment. There was more free beer (and mimosas and bloody mary's) on this course than any race I've ever run. This of course was not officially sponsored and was all done out of the goodness of those kind folks who live in the area. You guys were awesome even if I couldn't participate in the drinking. There were so many musical acts, both official and unofficial, that I think this race had more music than a Rock n Roll race. And I heard that from someone who ran the RnR race in DC the previous weekend :)

Post Race Party & Swag:
This race delivers on the race swag. The technical shirt handed out at the expo was a short-sleeve shirt and it had a curved hem for the ladies tees. I like it. I ordered a medium so I can get some wear out of it this spring and it's cut roomy, but definitely feminine if that makes sense. At the finish line every runner got a beach towel, running hat, giant race medal, water and food. I ate my Shamrock cookie immediately and it was really tasty!

Look, we're beer and whiskey people. So a Shamrock race is kind of perfect for us. The post race beer tent was pretty packed when we finished our half marathon, but we were able to make our way over to the beer area and get beer. I promptly handed off my beer after safely transporting it to a little clearing. Honestly, it was weird to have a beer in my hand and not drink it! Self control people, it can happen! The beer tent was great because even though it wasn't cold outside, the tent was warmer and blocked the wind.

The post race tent was much more calm when we came back to cheer on my best friend who was running the full marathon. The half marathon had 8865 finishers whereas the marathon only had 2180 so that made sense.

The funniest part of the weekend: I was so freaking proud of my best friend for running negative splits and throwing down her third fastest marathon time. Again, given the tough winter training cycle that was amazing and this is the earliest in the calendar year that she's run a full marathon.  She told me that she was more proud that I ran a half while pregnant than she was of her own time. I guess that's why we're best friends - we're always rooting for each other!

Anyone else run Shamrock? What were your thoughts? 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Gray Snow Day

Thursday was one of those quintessential snow days. The sky was gray all day and while the world seemed bright because of all the snow you realized after a few minutes that you hadn't seen the sun all day. The entire world seemed to shut down. Okay, it doesn't hurt matters that the day started off with some amazing challah bread french toast and coffee. I can't wait to finish the rest of that loaf of bread this weekend. 

Unfortunately, I can't be as rambunctious in the snow this year as I have been in prior years. I had a routine checkup earlier this week for the little one and my doctor joked that, "falling at this point is still more dangerous than drinking and smoking at the same time." She wouldn't clarify the danger order for falling, drinking, and smoking all at separate times. I got her point though, take it easy and don't go too crazy when there is ice and snow underfoot. 

Jax is taking one for the team and is fully enjoying playing in the snow for everyone in the family. I can't wait to toss more snow balls out into the yard this weekend and watch him run around liked a crazed pup. And Jewels is most likely looking forward to stealing more of my hot chocolate. 

At this point in the calendar I'm ready to be rid of these gray snowy days and I'm looking forward to spring. It's sad to say since I love winter, but I'm ready for this snow storm to be the last of the season. 

Stay safe and warm!