Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yucky weather!

It is beyond gross outside here in the Baltimore area. It's cold, slightly windy and raining. Not pleasant at all!

To warm up, I'm going to have some hot tea and then look at pictures from sunnier days. Oh, I happen to have a few of Jax, the supermodel, strutting his newest Zooland look in the backyard.

He's visualizing his next move.

How's that? Does the light make my ears glow? Yes, fantastic!
People, why are my leaves cold? My leaves are supposed to be warmed before they are served to me. Where's my silver platter?

Jewels thinks Jax is crazy. She smacked some sense into him a few minutes later. Then, I actually was able to film Jax's attempt at redeeming his honor.


  1. What gorgeous photos! The lighting is absolutely beautiful.

  2. This looks so familiar , those could be my two boston's Moe and Dolce .