Thursday, November 20, 2008

No more dodgeball

I'm not sure if the hubs and I are going to be able to recover. Last night we lost our playoff game and now we are officially done with league sports for the rest of the year. Sure, we still have a charity football game in December, but that's just a weekend gig.

Dodgeball has been an absolute blast. The hubs and I joined a team in the hopes of meeting new people and having some fun. Okay, we didn't make as many friends as I would have liked, but the hubs summed it quite accurately, "I don't think anyone on any of the other teams likes me." Hmmmm, would you like someone if they could throw a 90mph fastball and they could throw a dodgeball nearly as hard? Nope, I would like the guy either. This is the guy that knocked someone unconscious in his high school gym class while playing dodgeball. He takes his dodgeball a little seriously.

Although, everyone on our team loves the hubs and his cannon. That could be because the hubs took on the role of enforcer for our team. Say if the oppossing team hit someone on our team in the head or with excessive force, well, then the hubs would take it upon himself to deliver a crushing blow to the oppossing team member. It's not a pretty system, but it worked for our team.

Anyway, last night our team entered the playoffs as the number eight seed. Of course that meant we had to play the number one team, who also happened to be undeated and beat the crap out of us earlier in the season. I must say, it was a pretty competitive game. We were tied for awhile and then a back and forth battle ensued for the lead. Unfortunately, we were out gunned last night and we lost. My personal favorite game was one in which the hubs and I were the last people on our team still alive and we took down the other team's strongest four members for a victory.

I'm really going to miss our competitive games. The hubs and I are jocks and we're both cool with that label. Now, we just need to find a winter league. I'm not really a broom hockey person, but if that's all that is avaible, then I might just have to expand my horizons. Our dodgeball teammates have invited us to join their softball and football teams next season, so at least we can look forward to those days.

This is from a game earlier in the season. The hubs is the guy across the court. I love his reaction when a ball goes flying by his head, "wait, did someone really just try to hit me?"
(I got hit with a dodgeball while filming. I really think my red hair is a target, I got hit more in the head this year than anyone else on our team. Even on the sidelines I get hit.)

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