Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sleepy Jewels

Jewels loves to sleep. She's energetic dog, but more than anything she likes to nap. Unfortunately, for her humans, she's very tiny and she likes to sleep in some pretty weird places.

Take for instance this scenario: I'm passing through the living room and I see Jax sleeping on the couch (well, he was until her heard the camera turn on). I go into the kitchen and don't see Jewels. When I'm coming back into the living room I notice that the white blanket on the couch is moving.

Normally, I would think there was only one dog on the couch.
Oh, there she is!

Over the years, we've found Jewels sleeping in a few odd places. Here's a look back at a few of those spots:.
Underneath the bathroom sink.
Underneath our bed.
Cramming her face into the couch.
In my closet. (She woke up after I got the camera, I really thought she escaped the apartment that day).

Yes, she actually climbed up inside the hub's hoodie to find a warm and dark place to nap.
Camped behind people's heads. (we have a ton of these pictures).
In between our pillows.
Again, nestled in our laundry.
Knocked out with the hubs on the couch. (Okay, that one is kind of normal, but still adorable)

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  1. Oh my word, Jewels knowns where/how to be comfortable!