Monday, November 3, 2008

For all the dog lovers (okay, other pets as well)

Two weeks ago I noticed a post over on Urban Grace Interiors calling for anyone and everyone to e-mail a picture of their pet for a little contest. Bonus points were issued if your pet was pictured inside your home.

Well, I don't know if you have noticed, but I happen to have two cute Boston Terriers. You've heard of them, you know... Jax & Jewels, aka the name of my blog. I quickly flipped through their photo folders (Yes, Jax has his own folder and so does Jewels) and found a few interesting pictures. I went for the bonus points and narrowed my choices down to an indoor picture. Then I typed up a quick e-mail and let the pups work their magic.

A few days later I noticed that Erika had put together a slideshow of all the pictures she received. Cuteness overload! If you're a pet lover or if you have a beating heart, then I definitely suggest you click on this and watch the slideshow. It will without a doubt give you enough warm fuzzies to get you through the rest of your week.

Alright, this is where the bragging begins. Erika posted the winner's picture, Archie (FYI- soooooo cute!), and then a few honorable mention pictures. It just so happens that my very own little Jax was chosen as an honorable mention. So yes, in this post I'm AWing my dog (AW- it's a Nest and Knot lingo thing, Attention Wellyoucanfigureouttherestofit).

Click Here to see all the winners.

Don't worry, the hubs and I haven't let this go to Jax's head. He hasn't raised his sitting fee and he isn't refusing to drink tap water. He's not a diva. Now, Jewels on the other hand, is and will always be a diva. If she had any idea what was going on, well, she'd blame me for not selecting a better picture of her.

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  1. Jax cracked me up!! I love to see another person who loves her "babies" like I love mine! Kiss those dogs for me!