Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've created a monster

We're days away from Black Friday and I think I may have to commit my husband to some type of institution. I think I'm just bitter because "we" decided to postpone buying a DSLR camera in order to buy a tv.

Anyway, I just checked my e-mail and of course I have a new e-mail from the hubs and it's comparing tvs. Last night he kept interrupting me during How I Met Your Mother and Prison Break. Finally,I had to look at him and bark, "I'll look at tvs during the commercials!"

Here's how the tv research began in my mind. Our current tv is a whopping 26 inches, clearly not very big. I was under the impression that we would upgrade to a 32", 36", or maybe even a 40" flat screen. I swear the comparision shopping as gone as follows:

Hubs: A 36" Sharp Aquos is blah blah blah dollars.

Me: Okay, is that the tv you liked?

Hubs: Yeah, but then again for another $100 we could get the bigger 40".

Me: Okay, so which one do you want to get?

Tw0 days later:
Hubs: So, the 40" blah blah blah tv is blah blah blah dollars.

Me: Okay, is that the one we're getting?

Hubs: We could get that one or we could spend another $100 and get a bigger tv.

I'm at the point where I don't even know what is going on. I know we're getting an LCD tv. I'm 99% sure we're getting a 1080p tv. Now, I have no idea on the refresh rate, if it's 60hz or 120hz. My mind is cluttered between Samsung, Sharp and Sony. I better start hearing Nikon or Canon in here soon, otherwise I'm going to lose my mind.

Tonight, after dinner we're going back to Circuit City to look at tvs... again! I'm scared for when we decide to buy a new car in a few months. I can already see myself getting dragged around to various car dealership. If the hubs dares to interupt Grey's Anatomy, well, then we're going to have a serious problem.

The really "funny" part in all of this madness is that the hubs doesn't even watch that much tv!!! He'll catch an episode of SVU or House here and there, but he doesn't tune in to any series regularly. His PS2 is upstairs, so it won't even be benefiting from the new tv (although, the current living room tv will go upstairs and the former upstairs tv will go back to my brother-in-law). Yeah, the hubs and I watch our fair share of sporting events on tv, but we hardly ever have people over to catch the game.

I'm going to argue that if we spend this much money on a tv, then we should at least get new curtains and throw pillows. That way our living room will be that much more inviting and we can actually have friends over.


  1. Uh oh! TV shopping time! Just watch out for what you say. We upgraded to a 58" plasma just last month... and I swear he still looks at TVs when we go to stores... *sigh*

    But it's super perty. And I don't remember the 32" at all.

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