Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hiking recap

I think I've made it abundantly clear that I grew up in the woods, not only that, but I'm an outdoorsy type of gal. I love running around and soaking up as much Mother Nature as possible (of course while wearing sunscreen!). Lately, I've been a little homesick and my constant concrete and pavement surroundings have worn me down a bit. I like having a Trader Joe's only five minutes away, but sometimes one needs to get back to their roots in order to appreciate their current surroundings.

Yesterday, the hubs and I left our beltway confinement (we live within the 695 Beltway that surrounds Baltimore) and took a trip over to Gunpowder Falls. Hiking and enjoying the outdoors was just what I needed to kick out of my funky mood. The unseasonable warm temperature (75 degrees) definitely helped get us motivated to spend a few hours wandering around the woods.

It needs to be mentioned that my husband hates my camera. Well, he hates when I stop and take a picture of every single thing. In order to go hiking again in the future, I had to fight my inner urge to take my normal allotment of pictures. It was rough, but a sacrifice I'll make in the hopes of going hiking again.

One thing I wish I would have gotten a picture of... the snake my hubs stepped on and then ran away from when I declared "SNAKE!" It was rather funny. He was leading the way up a steep part of the trail, when he suddenly stopped. He said he heard a snake. Sure he did, he just happened to step on top of it and then stop on it! I looked down and sure enough, there was the snake, squirming underneath his boots. We both bolted, what can I say? The deer we saw later were much nicer (yes dad, we went hiking and saw a buck!).

Me: "Babe, we're going to cross a few streams. You might want to wear boots and not sneakers." (Thank goodness I'm a woman and I actually read the directions and see that there is water involved with our chosen trail.)

Okay, it's not every day you go hiking and you see a horse on the trail. Pretty cool.
FYI- I'm the red head on the right. Just in case you couldn't figure that one out.
Maybe showing things in color might work better, since it's fall and all.

The hubs, who is such a ham, well actually he's eating an orange.

Me: "Hey! I stopped to tie my shoe. Don't leave me out here!"

Please, I could do a cartwheel on this bad boy.
Alright, we made it back to the river. Sweet!
I have a sweet spot for all things yellow, especially leaves and flowers.
Super, duper, tall tree.
My favorite picture from the day.

Hey, if I find a somewhat level rock or tree stump, then I'm using the timer and taking our picture. It's better than my million self-portraits, my arm doesn't get as tired this way.

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous hiking area! Lol at the cartwheels comment!