Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome back Monday!

Since May the hubs and I have been a part of various softball leagues. We've gladly given up one day a week in order to have fun with the hubs' co-workers (there's nothing more entertaining than watching a 47 year old guy play softball for the first time). Unfortunately, last week we lost our playoff game and thus our 2008 softball season has come to a close.

Tear... (it's okay, we still have one more week of dodgeball, then a charity football game... after those are over then we'll be in withdrawal)

Anyway, while the hubs and I were grocery shopping yesterday he had an epiphany. At least that sounds like a nice way of saying the hubs stopped dead in his tracks and proclaimed, "I want cookie dough!"

My response, "oh, you want to make cookies?"

His reply, "No. I just want to eat cookie dough!"

Compromise, we make cookies and he gets to eat his fair share of dough. So we celebrated our first non-sports related Monday by making chocolate chip cookies.

The man knows how to work a mixer... swoon!!!
The cookie dough monster.
I prefer my cookies baked.

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  1. I must admit that cookie dough is a weakness of mine...just thinking about it gives me the worst craving...not that I would turn down a soft cooked version though :)