Friday, November 7, 2008

Someone is not going to be happy

Sometime in the next few months the hubs and I hope to buy a new car. Buying a car can be an incredibly fun and exciting time, but I don't think that will be our case. The problem is we're both car people and we don't like the same type of cars.

My dream car right now is a Toyota Prius. Maybe that isn't your definition of sexy, but right now I want something that is extremely economical and environmentally friendly. The hubs, on the other hand, wants a Dodge Challenger. It's fast, powerful, strong and definitely a looker.

Let's compare those two cars:

Model Price Horsepower City MPG Highway MPG
Challenger SRT8 $42,245 425 14 22
Challenger RTj $32,480 372 16 25
Prius Touring $24,270 110 48 45

Clearly, there is bit of a difference between those two cars. I left in two different trim models on the Challenger just because the RT j package is more likely the one my husband would be able to convince me to get, but in reality he's going to want the massive SRT8.

My personal thought is that the Prius is 8k cheaper and will also save us money in the long run by using less gas. Math isn't one of my strongest points, but I'm pretty sure I can see how saving 8k could be very helpful to our bank account.

The hubs of course counters that the Prius won't be fun to drive. He knows I have a lead foot when it comes to maneuvering along a windy back road (what can I say? It's like driving up at my parents' house). Somehow I think he's on to something and a measly 110 hp isn't going to satisfy my Formula One driving style.

Sigh... I know once we start test driving we'll find something we both like, but that's one of the downsides of compromising. I'm afraid that we're both starting at two extreme anchor points and any steps taking towards finding a middle ground is going to leave both of us unsatisfied.

Can anyone recommend a quasi-fuel efficient car (to me that's above 30mpg on the highway) that yet is still fun to drive? Bonus points for anything under $32k (anything more than that and the hubs is going to be awfully cranky that he didn't get his beloved Challenger). There was a fantastic list in Car & Driver a few months ago detailing the top ten fuel efficient sports cars, but I'd rather hear from real people and not rely on Car & Driver.

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