Friday, January 3, 2014

Get Fit, Get Organized

Ah the New Year. So much hope, so much promise, and a chance to start anew.  Now that the sequin dresses have been dry cleaned (if they haven't you should probably drop that off this weekend), the funky eyeglasses have been tossed, and the first weekend of the year is here, it's time to get the resolutions started.

The two biggest resolutions every year: get fit and get organized. 

Get Fit:  Once again I'm making my personal fitness a priority this year. Last year I didn't have a great running year due to nagging injuries and this year I want to nip those in the bud! I'm committing to more cross training and doing at least one yoga session a week.  Which means I need to actually buy a pair of cross trainers and a yoga mat! 

Get Organized: I have three areas of my house that are exceptionally cluttered and have gotten slightly out of control: jewelry collection, lip/nail products,  and my desk. The jewelry collection has outgrown my old jewelry box and I'm literally keeping necklaces on hangers.  I gave up buying clothes at Target last year because nothing was made in the USA, but every time I went to Target I ended up picking up a new lipstick/lipgloss or nail polish. It's got to the point where I keep a note on my iPhone of what colors I have so I don't repurchase something unintentionally. Also, if it's made in the USA, at Target, and has the name 'Berry' in the title there's a 99% chance I own it! So I need to organize my bathroom vanity. And finally, my dear office - I have 8 mason jars filled with assorted pencils, pens, markers, etc. I get that mason jars are cute and everyone uses them, but it's actually a pain in the butt to get something out of them! 

I need to de-clutter, purge, and get organized. Thank goodness for The Container Store and their nearly 900 made in USA items. I just need to make a commitment to either jewelry trays or go big and get a much larger over-the-door system

New Year's Resolutions: Hate 'em? Love 'em? Keep 'em? Break 'em? What's your story?


  1. Love these! Definitely checking out that tech shirt. Also, organization is a constant struggle of mine. I have a big acrylic sectioned tray that holds my makeup, and it works pretty well. For jewelry, I have quite a few things, but my favorite is this thing called the Earring Nest that isn't made anymore. Either way, I definitely recommend something where you can see everything you own. It's so easy to forget how many options we have otherwise :)


    1. Sam - I completely agree about needing to "see everything!" I'm starting my annual closet purge and organization and the number of things I have forgotten I own is shocking and depressing.

  2. I hate new years resolutions because I never stick to them and then feel like a failure! haha. But i made an effort to get fitter in October and so far I've stuck to it (with a slight blip over xmas week)! Hope I can keep it up throughout 2014! Love this water bottle so much!

  3. I generally don't make new year's resolutions but I think yours are the right kind to make.

    Pilates has been a life-changer for me. The NYTimes recently had an article about how Standford football players are getting few injuries thanks in part to adding some core strength training to their routine.

    The getting organized... yeah, I need to work on that as well. Ha.

  4. love this post!

  5. fab resolutions. I still can't believe we hit 2014 yet!

  6. I can wait to get fit this new year! I am about to exercise right now!


  7. I love all of these things! So motivational! Love the blog and am now following you on bloglovin! I would love if you followed me back:)

  8. I began running last year, and yoga has helped me tremendously! I really think it can make such a huge difference! The water bottle you picked cracked me up. It's so true!! ;)

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