Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Happened: Canon Mark 5DII

Those of you who follow me on Instagram were inundated with camera gear related pictures last week.  I apologize for that, but I'm not sorry about posting about my new Canon.  I'm completely smitten and people do crazy things when they're in love... especially with a piece of equipment. 

To sum up, "say hello to my little friend!" No, not the other Old Navy polka dot sweater, but the camera! I know it's a bit crazy to buy a camera that launched in 2008, but the Canon 5DII is that good of a camera.  Honestly, I didn't think I would make the jump up to a full-frame camera so quickly.  I thought my next camera body would be the Canon 7D or maybe even the new Canon 6D, but certainly not the 5DII.  Then, the new Canon Mark 5DIII came out over the summer and the price of the 5DII naturally dropped quite a bit.

Then, on Cyber Monday all of the 5DIIs were on sale for $1699. 

That price significantly changed things.  That meant that the 5DII was only $100 more than the 7D I had been eyeing up for quite some time.  Adorama had a package deal on Cyber Monday on a 5DII that included an extra battery, 8GB CF memory card, camera bag, and a battery grip for $1699*.  Throw in zero sales tax and cash back through Ebates and I was good to go.   

Best thing I love about this bad boy - it doesn't come with a pop-up flash!  That means no flash photography for me because I do not have the funds to buy one! 

If anyone was curious - the hubs told me to buy it! Seriously.  Best.Christmas.NewYear's.Valentine'sDay.President'sDay.Easter.MemorialDay.FirstBornChild.Gift.Ever.

Excuse me while I go practice focusing on a sprinting dog. I know some people would say that the 7D would have been a better camera for that activity, but I had the chance to go for a full frame camera and I took it. 

Anyone else getting a new camera for the holidays?  What are you getting?  Are you like me and already opened that bad boy up? In my defense I had to make sure it worked properly! 

*For some reason the price shows up as $1799 for this package on Adorama, but the price sometimes drops to  $1699 in your cart. I had to add it and remove it a few times to get the $1699 price.  

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