Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Only Blazer You'll Ever Need

9 to 5 - Dress: Clover Canyon 'Twist Scarf' // Booties: Nanette Lepore 'Two-Timer Wedge' // Clutch: Clare Vivier 

Blazer: Helmut Lang HELMUT 'Slouchy Single-Button Suiting Jacket' 

5 to 9 - Blouse: The Icon Shirt By Rochelle Behrens //  Trousers: Eileen Fisher // Flats: Modern Vice Painted Snake Loafers // Bag: David Galan 'Large Shades Tote' 

I made a promise to myself last year on my 30th birthday - no more junk. No more poorly constructed clothes. No more t-shirts that cost less than a grande latte and shred after two washes. No more cheap jewelry pieces that potentially contains dangerous materials or turn my skin green. No more ill fitting garments that were "on sale."

Basically, if I didn't absolutely love something and feel confident about how it was made I wasn't going to buy it. Last year I bought five items of clothing/accessories that were imported. Two of them were nice pairs of shoes that were made in Italy and the other three were all made in England or Canada. I realized I was a bit stringent on myself last year in terms of what I purchased, but hey, I was saving up for a major kitchen renovation.

The flood gates aren't certainly opening this year in terms of what I can spend on clothes, so I still have to make my dollars count. Yet, I want to upgrade a few key pieces of my wardrobe that are starting to show the amount of wear and tear I put on them. First and foremost - a Helmut Lang blazer. I've been secreting eyeing them and this is the year I take the plunge. I tried one on once and it felt like magic on my skin. The greatest thing about the blazer I'm eyeing is that it works for all hours of the day. And that's what I'm willing to spend a pretty penny on - a blazer that I can throw on anything and instantly elevate my outfit to perfectly polished.  I consider a slouchy black blazer to be a wardrobe staple for my lifestyle.

What's your wardrobe staple? And would you splurge on it?


  1. Excellent choice. If you can believe, I have a Made-in-USA blazer sitting in my closet. Needing the sleeves to get tailored. :/

  2. i love helmut lang blazers! my staple blazer is smythe (made in canada) that i got on crazy sale a few years ago - when i wear it i feel like a bad ass! :)

  3. I agree that a really great blazer is a must! I'm with you on shopping, it is totally worth the splurge if you know it is a classic item and will last.