Wednesday, July 31, 2013

American Classics: The Chambray Shirt

Starting a new series here on the blog! It's a take on the "Wednesday Wish List" series that is incredibly popular across the blogosphere. I'm going to highlight 5-6 American made pieces each and every Wednesday. Total confession - most of these posts are really entailed to help me purchase more American made goods. The real goal is to force myself to find that there are plenty of American made options available and that many of those options are priced competitively. 

Second confession: I do not currently own a chambray shirt. WHAT?!?!? I feel like I might have to surrender whatever fashion credit I possibly owned with that confession. Buying a chambray shirt has been on my proverbial to-do list for quite some time, but truth be told I'm not a huge fan of the whole "denim on denim" look. Thankfully I've found a plethora of other things in my closet that I can pair a chambray shirt with, which means I can finally take the plunge and buy one. 

I'm really torn between three of the pieces on that list above! The Side Stitch and American Apparel pieces are right on par price wise with anything from J.Crew/Madewell/Banana Republic/Gap and that's nice to render the notion "buying American costs more" invalid.  I just can't decide between one front pocket or two! In addition, I love, love, love the Pladra's washed out color and the snow tree lining on the cuffs and collar would help me stay in a winter frame of mind all year round. 

If I wasn't a red head I'd snatch that Tradlands red take on chambray in a second. I'm all about marching to the beat of a different drum! Chambray pertains to the fabric and not the color, which means that shirt is an amazing way to stay on trend, but stand out at the same time. 

Unfortunately, finances are a concern which means that Theory beauty is out of my price range. But, it's so pretty!  

How about you? Have you found a chambray shirt that's made in the USA? Which is your favorite one listed above? 


  1. I love a good chambray shirt! And I love this "american classics" series. Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks Katie! I'm hoping this series does more to challenge my own self-perceived notion that buying American is something only the wealthy can do.

  2. Such a great idea for a series!

    I love this chambray shirt (in my winter travel outfit post).

    I'd like to get another one for fall. Hmmmmmmm...

    1. I love that chambray shirt from Fenwick! Great to find another American made brand! Thanks for sharing.

  3. A must have to everyone's closet.

    Hope you had a great weekend!:)