Friday, July 19, 2013

Roadside flowers

If you've ever thought to yourself, "those flowers on the side of the road are really pretty. I wonder if it would be crazy to jump out of the car and take a picture of them?"

My answer - you are not alone!

I saw these purple coneflowers while at the beach last weekend and casually mentioned to my friends that if light was softer when we drove by them again I was going to hop out of the car and take a few photos of them.  My friends might have thought I was kidding, but the hubs knew better. He's put up with my antics for over a decade and after nearly six years of marriage he just goes with it when it's not too crazy.

What's your favorite roadside flower?  I'm in awe of the amazing wildflower patches that dot the highway medians in Maryland and West Virginia. The mishmash of colors is just the thing to keep my attention from faltering during a long drive.