Thursday, October 4, 2012

Standard Rainy Day Uniform

Just another typical, rainy, fall day in the greater Baltimore/DC area.

Dress: Banana Republic //  Boots: Hunter //  Necklace: Vintage // Bracelets: DERNG, Vintage // Cocktail Ring: Ice // Umbrella: Coach

Getting dressed for the day is the easiest thing to do when the weather forecast calls for rain. My standard rain uniform is a dress or skirt, jacket, Hunters, and my trusty Coach umbrella.  Throw my hair up in a braid, bun, or ponytail and I'm good to go.

Funny thing about umbrellas.  I used to be that person who had a million and one umbrellas because I used to lose a million and two umbrellas.  They were like watches, I was always breaking or losing them.  However, my sister gave me a Coach umbrella as a gift over three years ago and I'm proud to say I haven't lost it (yet!).  I did momentarily leave it on a train once, but I was able to dash back onboard and rescue it.

It's with that same line of reasoning I keep dropping hints to the hubs that I'd likeRolex Movado watch :) I figured I haven't broken the one he gave me and I've had it for over four years.  One watch for nearly five years (received it for my 25th birthday) and one umbrella in over three years ... that's like a new adult record for me!

What's your standard rain uniform?  Do you have one?  I just feel sluggish in the morning when it's raining and having a go-to uniform helps get me out of the house on time.  Those pesky train schedules are not to be messed with!


  1. so cute, love rainboots!

    1. Thanks! They were pricey, but oh so worth it.

  2. Funny you say that about losing umbrellas. I got a really nice toile print umbrella from J Crew for Christmas last year. I used it a handful of times and I swear it has disappeared. I can't find it. I like your rainy day outfit! It's been pretty yucky here in Baltimore.

  3. You're a lot cuter than me on a rainy day...that's for sure!! I do need a pair of Hunter rain boots though. Going on the Christmas list!

  4. I'm so glad to hear you still have & use your Coach umbrella :) btw sis, you look amazing. You really know how to throw together an outfit with great accessories too. Luv Ya!

  5. You look good wearing your Hunter Wellingtons they'll keep your feet dry and stop your Tights from getting splashed, I always wear my Wellingtons when it rains and sometimes wear them on fine days although I do get some odd looks but I don't care, I like them.

  6. Yaaay rain? I need to find a great pair of rain boots that I am okay with wearing as real shoes because the rainy times are a comin' to the Pacific Northwest.

  7. Love the black stone necklace...the attire looks good too.

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