Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Seasonal Beers: Pumking please!

Just mention autumn to the hubs and he immediately thinks of all the delicious fall seasonal beers that are finally in season.  The first pumpkin flavored beverage I usually think of is Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I've got to give it to the hubs... the pumpkin beers are pretty tasty. 

Pumking beer to be exact.  The Pumking Beer by Southern Tier Brewing Company is rumored to be the only beer that uses real pumpkin in its fall seasonal brew.  It's definitely apparent once you look at the beer because it has an amazing orange color to it. Better yet, it's from New York baby!

We try to stay localish with our seasonal brews.  Lots of Heavy Seas and DuClaw brews in our house, although I don't know if that can be said only during the fall season.  As a New York transplant I'm counting the Pumking as a local beer in my book.

The only downside to fall seasonal beers?  The limited quantities produced!  We're down to one last remaining bottle of DuClaw's 31 and completely out of the Pumking.  Clearly we need to go on a beer run this weekend!

Any other fall seasonals you recommend?  I'm a Blue Moon seasonal fan, loved their Agave Summer seasonal, but unfortunately the Blue Moon Pumpkin brew didn't hold a candle to the Pumking.


  1. Heck yeah!!! Love it! Now I am trying to find the apple cider flavor!!

  2. Definitely stock up on the Pumpking so when you get those end of summer cravings, you'll have one handy next year :)