Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Martha!

Martha Stewart is not of this world. Really, the woman comes up with an idea and then her army of followers carries that idea into every corner of the world. The woman is talented. I remember years ago my family made one of her vegetable garden carrot cakes and I don't think I've ever had so much fun making a cake. The marzipan overdose may have slightly aided in the fun.

Anyway, I headed over to Martha's website for some Halloween inspiration and I fell in love with this idea- pumpkin candles. The love is up there on par with peanut butter pie. I thought to myself after seeing a picture, "how in the world have I lived my life without this wonderful goodness?"

There is just one minor problem with this infatuation- I've never made a candle before. Hmmmm, looks like I'm going to have to expand my horizons and try to recreate these adorable candles. I'd like to try to recreate these pumpkins instead of heading over to Pottery Barn and buying something similar. Hopefully, I don't burn my house down this weekend. Let's hope for a safe candle making experience. It can't be that difficult, right???

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