Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kentucky recap

I went to Kentucky over the weekend with my best friend B. Her father and step-mother live there on a beautiful 22 acre horse farm. The plan was to have a gigantic bonfire at the farm on Saturday, but unfortunately there hasn't been enough rain in the area to safely have a bonfire (a county no-burn ordinance also sealed the deal). I was incredibly surprised with just how dry everything was just 8 hours away from my house.

Anyway, a fine party was thrown instead. I loved hearing all the southern accents and of course everyone else maintained that I was the one with the accent. I was definitely in the "Northern accent minority" and I didn't mind one bit.

On Sunday we went to Keeneland, which is this incredibly old horse track in Lexington. A quick Google search informed me that most of the racing scenes for the movie Seabiscuit were filmed at Kenneland. Pretty cool. I must say, going to a horse race is a very different experience than going to a baseball or football game. For one, the dress is very different. There were plenty of women at Keeneland in their finest outfits, which included large hats, and lots of pearl necklaces. I lost count of how many parasols were in attendance.

Apparently, I am incredibly odd because I didn't bet a single dollar at the track. I did buy a program and some ice cream, so I guess I "lost" more money at the track than I "won." I'm not a betting person and I definitely don't know enough about the sport to make an educated bet.

Monday was a sad day. It was the day B and I had to leave. We fed the horses, went for a run, moseyed around the house and then left to return home. The return trip was much more enjoyable than the drive on Friday. One, we encountered much less traffic on the way back to the Baltimore/D.C. area than we did on Friday. Secondly, driving during the day allowed B and I to take in the wonderful views that Kentucky, West Virginia and western Maryland have to offer. The fall foliage was in full effect and the mountains looked gorgeous. Plus, B and I became friends during our college years in West Virginia. So it was very nice to spend roughly eight hours driving through the state.

Here's a few pictures, the rest will be posted on my Flickr site.

This is Smoke. He has to stay in a separate pen because he eats too much grass.

The Three Amigos waiting for their breakfast.

Rio, who is gorgeous.Lady- if you don't stop taking my picture while I'm eating, I'm going to eat your camera!

Oh yeah, this is the kitchen... swoon!


  1. Wow, what I would do to be friend's with a girl who's parents owned a horse farm. Amazing.

    So sweet you got to go the track too!

    That's awesome you were able to enjoy the return trip, usually I loathe them.

  2. Oh wow, that is horse heaven! Gorgeous beauties. So jealous of your fabulous trip =)