Monday, October 6, 2008

NY Recap

I finally posted some pictures on my Flickr account from my trip up to my parents' house. Now, I must forewarn you, when you think "New York" you probably won't think of New York state and you probably will be confused as to why there are so many trees. I know that seems like a low standard to set for people, but once you've lived in Huguenot, NY for most of your life, you realize that people automatically think of New York City when they hear "I'm from New York." Then, I have to explain to people where I lived and I usually responded with, "I live right where NY, NJ, and PA come together." Yeah, not very helpful.

My parents live in this really small town in New York. Actually, it's part of a township and is a really, really, really, really tiny town. Honestly, I've yet to find a single stop light in the township. It's a pretty wide geographical area, so there could be a light on some random street that I'm missing. To set the scene even more, my parents live on a private road, on the top of a mountain, in the middle of the woods andhave a fantastic lake for a back yard. Yeah, it's awesome. Of course when I was a kid I didn't like the fact that my nearest "neighborhood friend" lived almost three miles away. Plus, he lived "down the mountain." For those early childhood years when neither one of us had a car, there was a very long and tiring walk involved in visiting each other. Thankfully, my parents bribed all my friends by having a pro-sized pool table, table tennis, air hockey and fooseball table. If you could make it to our house, then you would be entertained. If you got bored of the inside fluff, you could always run around the woods....


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