Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Bust!

We had ONE single trick or treater tonight! Just one single kid trekked up our stairs and asked for candy. I let her take as much of candy as she could carry. Next year we need to hang a huge banner that screams, "we have candy!"

So, the candy distribution aspect of Halloween was a complete and total bust. Fantastic, I guess I'll have to eat the rest of the candy I bought. Not terrible, but not the best thing for my health.

Oh well. Here's more of Jax and Jewels and their adorable Halloween bandannas (gifts from my mother-in-law).

Really, he has a rough life... he had to go for a walk today and a woman fawned over him because she thought he was adorable.

Wow, that's just a happy and lazy boy.

Jewels, on the other hand, is fully attentive and staring down anyone that comes near our yard. She only weighs 14lbs, but she will defend her turf. Her bandanna says "Boo" on the back and has a poison sign, that's perfectly fitting for her personality.
NO!!!! Jax, you did not just roll around and get flithy! Shoot, he just had a bath.
Jewels really can't understand why Jax thinks it's fun to roll around and get dirty. She's way too prissy to roll around in the dirt.
Ah, that's better. Go tear up some sticks.

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