Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jax!

Happy Birthday Jaximus! Yeah, the little guy turned three today. I certainly hope that means he's done with the "terrible twos." Oh wait, that's a human thing and he's a dog. I guess what this means is I have to stop calling him a pup and start calling him a dog.

So, what do you do for a spoiled rotten dog on his birthday? You take him to Pet Smart and let him pick out some new toys. After work today, my husband and I took Jax for a brief car ride and then to Pet Smart. Now, Jax doesn't go to a pet store to meet other dogs, he goes to met other people. He's such a lady's man it isn't even funny. The hubs jokes that the dog is such a chick magnet. Women just gaze into Jax's big brown eyes, adore his super white coat and then fall in love with his velvety ears. Yeah, he won me over hook, line and sinker.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Look! There's a parking spot! Oh, there's a tree I can mark!"
"Dad! Park the car! I need to pee!"
"Pick up that toy. Alright, two down, let's see how many more toys I can drag out of here. Where are the cats???"

"Are we home yet? Can I play with my toys in the car? Please, please, pretty please? I won't rip any apart until I get home." "Mom, you know I could totally drag you across the room right now. I'm just letting you think you can win. ""Fine. I'll share one of my toys with Jewels. But, I get to eat her share of treats later!"
The birthday boy is tuckered out. He shows his true colors by resting among all his various toys.

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