Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just call me a Riesling lover

My wine expertise is severely lacking. I actually didn't start drinking wine until about three years ago. Anytime someone offered me a glass of wine, my mind immediately flashed back to the nasty stuff I had to force down during church. Needless to say, I wasn't a big fan of wine.

Enter my best friend, B. She's my personal wine connoisseur (or at least that's what I call her). Three years ago, while we were both poor grad students, she came to visit me for a weekend. She dictated to me a few bottles of wine I should pick up for the weekend. I felt like it was my first time in the liquor store- I had no idea where anything was and I had no clue what the bottles I had written down looked like. Basically, I was lost. I did manage to find two of the recommended bottles, but tragically I dropped one on my apartment's front steps (yeah, red wine on concrete doesn't look too pretty). One bottle of wine didn't last us long, which led the two of us to go together the next day. My life has changed ever since then.

I love Riesling! There I said it. I've tried a few different types of wine, but I always come back to a trusty Riesling. I have bit of a sweet tooth and love the pleasant taste of a good Riesling. Thankfully, I've upgraded from Relax (although, the bottle is darn cool) and now I have a few different bottles that I try to keep on hand.

B knows all this and she takes good care of me. She spent the summer in San Francisco and made a few trips up to Napa to indulge in multiple wine tastings. She's awesome and brought me back a bottle of Windsor Vineyards Riesling. Fantastic!

That's the definition of a true friend. She goes away and brings me back a bottle of wine. Good thing I brought her back coffee when I went to Brazil (she's a coffee nut as well).

Any Riesling lovers out there? If so, what are your favorite bottles? My go-to bottle is Covey Run. It has this fantastic green apple taste to it and it's very crisp. Plus, it's incredibly wallet friendly (I've never seen it for more than $9).

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  1. I LOVE a late harvest Riesling. There's a winery here in Michigan that I've bought some from and it's so good!
    Black Star Farms Winery