Monday, March 17, 2014

Irish Green

Made in USA: Jeans: old James Jeans (coated version on sale for $54!) // Pumps: Julie Bee's // Watch: LaMer Collections // Nails: Essie 'Eternal Optimist' // Belt: vintage Coach 

Ah St. Patrick's Day - the Valentine's Day of religious holidays. A day in which my life has been summarized as the following equation:

Ginger + Catholic = you must be Irish

Actually, no. But since it's also common misconception that there is a special bond and form of telepathy between all red heads I'll gladly take that free whiskey at the bar.  I've rebelled against St. Patrick's Day most of my life and I usually abstain from the color green two weeks prior and after this lovely holiday. However, now that I'm married to an Irishman (okay fine, half Irish with a ridiculously difficulty Polish last name to spell) I'm a bit more receptive towards the holiday. 

Plus, any occasion to sip aged whiskey in the afternoon with a few friends is a good day in my book. My family was in town this weekend and I gladly gave up Saturday night pseudo-holiday-festivities at the bar in order to spend precious moments with my family.  The hubs and I headed out for a quick drink with friends later on Sunday which allowed me to numb my sadness that my family had returned to their northern states. I can't go older than 12 year old whiskeys because after that point their experience is lost on me, but I have heard from a few whiskey men that whiskey is meant to be taken neat. That's it. Don't sully your sipping drink with water. 

If you're going out tonight arrange a designated driver and throw on some green -even if you aren't Irish like me.


  1. Such a beautiful look! I like how the lace details make it a little bit more elegant. Nicely done!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  2. Ha! I know exactly what you mean about those hard-to-pronounce Polish names. Plus, my cousins are redheads but not Irish.

    Great outfit. Love the top.

  3. Every once in awhile, I get asked if I'm Irish. I have just a hint of red to my hair, with pale skin, freckles, and blue eyes. Plus, I like to wear green. But my family mostly came from Scandinavian countries.

    Love your outfit! I've added your site to my blog's reading list. I blog about American Made women's fashion, plus some other things :-)

  4. I love it, I'm very Irish and I don't look it a bit! It's always the reverse in my world :). I accidentally wore green yesterday and it was a happy coincidence! Love those pumps.

  5. The green is so gorgeous! I forgot to wear green, which resulted in a fews hits and pinches;)

  6. I love the lace detail of your top! Hope you had a fab St. Patty's Day!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules