Monday, March 24, 2014

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Source: Dezeen 

Source: Lauren Liess 

Source: Style By Emily Henderson 

Our blank living room.

My living room walls are blank and they're crying out for embellishments. However, not one to make any rash decisions when it comes to nailing holes through a freshly painted wall, I'm taking my time planning a gallery wall. I've given myself a deadline of August because that's when my family will be back in town and I function better with deadlines. 

The problem I'm having is the atheistic I'm striving to achieve with the space. The couch is massive, 98 inches wide to be exact, and I want the gallery wall to take away slightly from the size of the couch.  I want the frames to navigate the balance between looking cohesive, yet not overly planned (ha!). I want to be able to add additional pieces of art down the road, so I need an initial cluster that allows the arrangement to organically grow.  It's a tall order. Or at least it seems that way in my head. 

Yet, I do have my anchor piece. A faded city planning map of Baltimore from 1872 that I had framed years ago in a custom barn wood frame with a gilded gold insert. It's been sitting on the floor of my office, covered in protective paper, for well over two years. It's the only thing in the house, besides my camera or shoes, that I would grab in case of an emergency. 

I don't know exactly what I'll come up with for this space, but I know a bunch of pre-matched frames isn't going to work. I think my best bit is to start visiting antique stores to see if I can mix and match frames that way.  I do know that I'll be taking tiny pieces of each of the inspiration pieces above into the final outcome. 

Any suggestions for hanging a gallery wall? 


  1. Great post, I also have to do something about my bank walls, but am affraid that I will do it all wrong!

  2. I've done a few of them - i have a couple of posts on my blog have some tips on how to do it with the min amount of holes but in short you can either lay it all out out on a big sheet of paper (I used wrapping paper) and piercing the nail holes through it so you know exactly where to bang them in the wall OR you can use those 3M command hooks that require no holes at all.

    I still love them and its especially nice to have the option to change things out as you grow tired of it/something new lands in your lap.

  3. These are some great gallery wall inspiration pictures! I really want to do a gallery wall in my house too but it's so intimidating!


  4. I love the look of pictures clustered together...especially when they're all small and vintage!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  5. Your inspiration pictures are great. I love the first one! Definitely scour antique stores for frames, or even Goodwill!

  6. What a great couch - perfect starter for an awesome living room wall! Love all of your inspiration and can't wait to see how it looks when you're finished.

  7. Nothing like some good gallery wall inspiration! I'm sure yours will turn out great!

  8. Ugh, I feel ya on the wall decor! I'm such a commitment-phobe when it comes to hanging stuff up. But I love the first gallery wall! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  9. Very inspiring photos!! I have a long wall too and not sure how to decorate but I get all my inspiration from houzz website, hope that helps
    a beautiful maison

  10. Really great inspiration! Love all these pics, especially the first one. I'm sure your gallery wall will turn out beautiful!
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  12. lovely inspirations! I actually have a gallery wall in my home, and it's so fun and trendy right now! We kept ours up with our animal themed space <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra