Friday, August 9, 2013

Everlasting Love

Back when I shared a few OBX vacation photos I didn't include the one above.  It's weird, when I first took it I thought almost nothing of it because I didn't even know those people. Just some random people I saw on the beach (no, I'm not a creeper).  I just thought they were adorable because they were all by themselves on the beach and having a good time. 

The sappy romantic in me thought - there's hope for us!

Total confession, but I find it to be absolutely adorable when elderly couples are affectionate with each other.  That old "A Diamond is Forever" commercial with the elderly couple holding hands while walking in the park ... gets me every time. 

Off to celebrate six years of wedded bliss with the hubs this weekend.  Potentially trying to recreate one of our favorite wedding photos. I'm really hoping that weight/wrinkles we've gained over the past six years isn't too apparent. I looked at a few wedding photos the other day and thought, "man I wish my arms still looked that good!" 

The hubs is like George Clooney; he gets better with age! 

Have a great weekend everyone.