Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Casual Summer BBQ

Made in the USA: Striped T-shirt: Venley by Youth Monument // Tank: American Apparel // Shorts: Lucky Brand (beyond old, have had them since high school) // Belt: Chicago Belt Company c/o (20% off with code SUMMER) // Shades: Oakley 'Sweet Spot' // Bag: Luciana Verde via My Habit // Shoes: Sbicca 

Truth be told I enjoy any occasion that calls for dressing up more than I probably should, but there is something to be said for a fun, casual, summer BBQ. The hubs and I are usually prepared for just about anything any time we go to someone's house for a BBQ. Yes, we're that couple that has a change of clothes in the car and I mean more than one change of clothes (kids with water guns get me every time). 

We're also that couple that uses any BBQ as an excuse to bring our cornhole boards and baseball mitts with us. There may or may not be a deflated beach ball in the backseat of my car at this very moment. 

And there are always at least 5 hair ties in my bag/purse/glove compartment. 


Absolute favorite summer moments - chasing a chubby Boston Terrier around a field in four inch sandals. Naturally they were wedges, otherwise I would have been barefoot. Thank goodness those babies are incredibly light and comfortable. Also thankful for smelling like BBQ because that tends to the keep Jax a bit interested and eager to come back to me. 

Oh hey, is that a kid's picnic table? I could steal food from them and get away!

What do you prefer - casual BBQ or fancy soirĂ©e? As much as I love getting dressed up there's just something fun about an impromptu game of tag with a bunch of kids. I think that's the real reason the hubs and I get invited to so many BBQs is because all of our friends know I'm going to run around like a crazy person with their kids. Or it's because the hubs shows up with brisket.  It might be the brisket.