Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stripes and Leopard

Coat: Miss Sixty (similar for under $35!) // Striped Shirt: Gap (Similar on sale) // Jeans: Gap (similar on sale) // Boots: Cole Haan (Similar on sale!) // Purse: Coach // Necklace: Ann Taylor // Shades: Ray Ban (similar) // Bracelet: InPink, iSanctuary // Ring: Hello Fab

I don't think I'm sharing any top-secret information when I say that I'm normally a fan of fairly basic accessories.  I mean, as long as your definition of basic includes "spikes" and "neon" like my definition, then sure my accessories are basic.  However, when my aunt showed up for a four day visit with four different coats I figured I could borrow her leopard jacket for a day milling around with the girls.  

Then she told me I needed, "a pop of color."  

To which I smiled. 

She added, "you could borrow my red bag." 


I'm not ashamed in saying I borrow my aunt's clothes.  Hell, I do more than that! She routinely gives me hand-me-downs and they are by far better than any of the hand-me-downs I got as a child.  She left two pristine black turtlenecks at my house for me and I can't wait to wear them before the weather heats up. 

I also seem to be a magnet lately for antiquing and cobblestone streets. Thank goodness for thick-heeled boots!  This time I was able to score my first vintage camera in a wonderful store in historic Ellicott City, MD. 

Anyone else share clothes with a relative? How about a relative that isn't a sibling?  I know other woman who routinely take their significant other's dress shirts, but that would just never work in my household... the hubs has some broad shoulders!

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  1. Hello, most favorite outfit ever. I do hope you made a play for that coat before she left...

    xo Meaghan

    1. Sadly the coat went back to NJ with her.

  2. That was a fabulous outfit!!!

    I'm glad the pics I took came out so well. Your camera is really awesome.

    1. Thanks Jean! If you think that camera is cool you should see my other one.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Leopard is well outside of my comfort zone, but I felt like I needed to mix it up a bit.