Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Treat

I turned 30 today.  There, I said it.

Actually, I've had a countdown calendar in the works ever since I turned 29.  See you later 20s. Goodbye hipsters. Thank goodness I never have to be tied down to the same age-group as you people.  Yes, I said you people.

I'm 30. Rather than treating it as death or an early mid-life crisis, I merely see it as a Wednesday.

A damn, good Wednesday.

Instead of getting all sad and sappy about turning 30 I'm ready to party. I'm truly happy that I'm 30. People have looked at me and said, "bullshit, you're sad about turning 30."

I don't understand what in the world they are talking about. I know who am I, I know what makes me tick, and most importantly I know who I want in my life for the good times and the bad.  I've got the big pieces of the puzzle figured out and I plan on spending the next 70 years or so re-arranging the details.

So with that being said, here's my gift to you:

The treats: a little capsule collection of things I got in NY at IFB Con.

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Then just leave me a comment with your Twitter and Instagram usernames.  If you're feeling wordy, let me know if you are/were excited/scared to turn 30.

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Good Luck! 


  1. Happy Birthday Heidi! I really enjoyed 30 :) You have a great attitude going into it.

    Following you on Twitter now too - @Crafty_Margaret

  2. Happy birthday, my dear! I just know you will OWN 30. Wishing you a day of all your favorite things!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Washington you all the Best On Your 3-0!!
    Anyway mine will come next year, approximately. I think I might enjoy it like I enjoy my late twenties... I know I'm hoping for less breakouts and pimples on my face ...

    Twitter follower : @babalisme
    Gfc : babalisme
    Email : babalisme at yahoo dot com

  4. It all only gets better. Age is just a number. As long as you're having fun, who cares how old you are! xo PS - time to change your "about me" :)