Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IFB and NYFW Recap

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well here it goes. 

A massive, heartfelt thank you to all of the amazing vendors at IFBCon.  At what other conference can you pose with Tyson Beckford, get your makeup done by bare Minerals, eye up serious jewelry at Alex and Ani (made in the USA and out of recycled materials - double win!), get professional hair assistance by Fekkai, and hit up the Mail Chimp station to DIY t-shirts and hats?  Plus, throw in an open-bar after party at the W Hotel, because yes, that happened. 

Why yes, those are 140mm (aka 6inch!) Christian Louboutin shoes on the left.  I think the only shoes that I saw that were cooler were massive Chanel heels that included crystal rocks on the stems. Insane doesn't even begin to describe the serious shoe envy I had while up in NY. 

Again, just soaking up every word my girl crush, Lydia Hudgens, had to say. 

Took outfit photos of three insanely fashionable women (Meaghan, Natalie, and Lacey).  

The center of the fashion world. 

Just a few of the eye-dropping pieces I saw in Lincoln Center.  Seriously, these were mild compared to what I saw because the truly beautiful pieces floated by and before I could pick up my jaw and my camera they were gone. 

My first NYFW show.  The pieces at Candela were magical. Now if only I had a place to wear either that gorgeous sequined dress or that lace black number. 

Was able to find a bit of home inspiration at Lincoln Center and at the Hudson Hotel. 

Some take home swag. Seriously, there's more makeup and a few other things floating around my suitcase.  I'll be giving away a few things next week (hint - one item is a pink iPhone case).  You'll have to pry that $50 giftcard to Rent The Runway from my cold fashion fingers because I can't wait to use it. 

Anyone else attend IFBCon? What were your thoughts?  I loved, loved, loved the panels and I'm going to take Niche.Niche.Niche.Niche.com.gov to heart. 

As for NYFW, I swore afterwards that I was a "one and done" person when it came to attending fashion week. However, it wouldn't be entirely fair to only go once and make a permanent decision.  The weather was ridiculously cold, or seasonably appropriate in New York, so I might just go up again in September and see how I survive.  I mean, it's not like I wore sleeveless shirts or anything. Oh wait, I did :) 


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    1. Thanks babe! I wish you could have come. That would have been wait for it... legendary.