Monday, February 2, 2009

For all the animal lovers out there

I grew up with only large dogs. Besides those adorable months when our dogs were puppies, I think the smallest dog I ever had was a 50lb English Springer Spaniel. Back then, you didn't see many large dogs sporting sweaters or at least not in upstate New York. Actually, I think the only dog I knew that routinely wore a sweater was Bart, my grandpa's Wire Fox Terrier. Bart had an extensive clothing collection, he had a different sweater for every day of the week plus multiple wardrobes per state (he migrated between Florida and New York with my grandpa).

It wasn't until Jewels went outside and shivered for the first time that the hubs and I discussed puppy clothes. Now, I have a tendency to ogle over sweaters anytime I can. Over the weekend I made the mistake of searching Etsy for sweaters. What turned into a quick search ended up being an hour of "ohhhing and ahhhing." I think it's a safe bet that next year I'm going to order a bunch of sweaters off of Etsy and skip Pet Co.

Go to Etsy and search for your breed. Cuteness overload. Granted, the majority of dog sweaters can be ordered in any size, but I just like looking at all the cute Bostons. I'm sure your breed will have plenty of eye-candy. I absolutely fell in love with a few items and many of them weren't sweaters!

A few of my personal favorites:

both from seller Beantown Handmade (my new favorite seller!)

from seller Chetart

from seller tedwards52

from seller rubenacker


  1. I love those things! Etsy has such great items for animals! :) Such cute little sweaters/hats! Love them!!

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm also a large dog girl, and generally opposed to to clothing for pets, but there are no words! Absolutely adorable!

  3. I have to have the fart sign! So funny! I have a Boston and it's so true. She has the worst farts ever!