Thursday, February 5, 2009


I committed a cardinal mistake the other day. I accidentally left one of my closet doors open. One of the tenants of our happy marriage is that my hubs should live in a delusional state where he doesn't know the full extent of my shopping indulgences. I fully subscribe to the philosophy of buying something, stuffing it in the closet, waiting a few months and then proudly declaring, "I've had this for months!" Plus, I can buy something cute and cheap at Target and the hubs just thinks we needed new cleaning supplies.

Leaving my closet open is completely inexcusable because it allows my husband to sneak a peak and see if I've done any "unnecessary" shopping. He doesn't go through my closet, but it is in his line of sight as he makes his way to his dresser. Figures, I was guilty and got busted. I haven't purchased anything new in months and then I slip up and get busted once I buy something! Jax and Jewels even helped out and ripped the packaging box to shreds for me. I swear the hubs' senses were heightened by the presence of a new J. Crew catalog. Yes, I'm obsessed, but my closet is a constant reminder of how deep my love for all things J. Crew runs.

My latest guilty addition- a new dress. Which of course the hubs had to ask, "so when are you wearing this new dress?" My reply that I didn't plan on wearing it until August didn't fly too well with the hubs. Of course once he saw the tag and said, "another dress from J.Crew??? How many dresses do you need?"

Gesh, the guy complains that I only wear black dresses and he gives me a hard time when I buy a dress in a different color. Talk about sending mixed messages. I think he just protests at the J. Crew dresses more than the rest because he thinks they are more expensive. In theory, he would be correct, but I hardly ever buy anything at full price.

I tried explaining to the hubs that I could wear said new dress multiple times and that it was on sale. His response, "really... wait, isn't the same rational you've given for every dress purchase you make?" Crap, that line worked for almost seven years, but it seems I need to come up with a new one.

I was almost out of the woods until I was flipping through a catalog and said, "oh, that's a new material." The hubs quickly looked over and said, "no! You're not going to buy a new dress just because it's a different material than the rest of them." That's when it hit me, I do have a J. Crew dress in almost every fabric! Crap.

Silk chiffon- Sophia in bright blue. Purchased last week for $34.99. Yes, extra 30% off of final sale price. Go me!!! Plan to wear to the hubs' best friend's wedding on August 1st. I can see myself wearing this dress again and again and again. Honestly, I've wanted the Sophia dress since I was a senior in college. My plan is buy a navy one in silk tricotine. I'm just buying time now that I've been caught.

Silk tricotine- Rebecca in black. Purchased two weeks ago. This is the bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. J. Crew had a 20% off final sale and the rest of the bridesmaids were able to get their dresses for $66 each. Unfortunately, J. Crew didn't have my size, but I was able to buy it on Ebay for $40.

Cotton cady- Audrey in wild rose. Purchased in 2006 as my maid of honor dress for best friend's wedding. Confession, I paid full price. I think it was $225, but I needed the dress and would buy it again in a heartbeat for my girl's wedding. I've worn it twice since then. It looks fantastic with a white cardigan I have, which is also from J. Crew.

Silk faille- Whitney in ivory. Purchased on sale (maybe $60ish, not really sure) as my rehearsal dinner dress in 2007. I love this dress, it has this gorgeous tulle underskirt that creates a great shape. Unfortunately, it's an ivory dress and that's something I don't wear too often. So this poor baby sulks in the back of my closet, begging me to get over my fear of spilling something on it.

Next on my list is the adorable cotton poplin Sydney dress.
It is available in navy, so maybe I'll give up on the Sophia and buy this little gem instead.

Thank goodness I left my dresser shut and the hubs didn't see the new jeans I also purchased with the Sophia dress. Hey, they were on sale!!!


  1. Those dresses are worth it! Lol at the line working for almost 7 years though, gotta hand it to you. :)

  2. Get ready, I'm coming over to raid your closet! I'm so jealous of your collection.

    I have one JCrew dress (strapless, black, embossed cotten) that I've worn for 5 yrs. I think I need to upgrade!