Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland???

Like much of the country, the greater Baltimore region is not having the best of weather today. Yesterday was a nice snowy day and today there's a sheet of ice coming down. Not exactly the best mix of weather.

The ice was just thick enough that Jewels could saunter around and not break the ice. Jax, on the other hand, either walks too heavy or he's just that chubby that he broke through the ice and sunk into the snow. It really didn't bother him at all.

This morning was somewhat odd. The hubs and I went outside to clear off our cars and it seemed our entire street was doing the same thing. Our neighborhood isn't exactly Beaver Cleaver, so it was weird that everyone was outside at the same time. The lady across the street from me had her big Chesapeake Bay Retriever out with her and he came over to say hello. I have a giant sized paw print on my pant leg that can vouch for his enormous size. Jax and Jewels gave me a guilt trip when I came back inside. Yeah, I cheated on them.

My morning was made complete by witnessing the sheer idiocy exhibited by my other neighbors across the street. I call these two guys, "the Abercrombie & Fitch model wannabes." Model wannabe A comes running out of his house in shorts and flip flips. He runs across the street and falls square on his butt. It pained me not to laugh out loud. Then, after he picked himself up, he hopped in his Jeep and tried driving away. I think he figured out that he couldn't see out his windows, so he jumped out and used a CD case to scrap off his windows. The CD case lasted 45 seconds before it snapped into a hundred pieces. Model A muttered a few dozen curse words and then ran back across the street into his house (yes, he left his car running the entire time). Model A returned with Model B's car keys and took the ice scrapper out of Model B's Xterra. Model A finished cleaning off his car and then again tried to drive away. He spun his tires for a minute before Model B emerged from the house and helped push the Jeep away from the curb. I was really afraid that Model A was going to slam his Jeep into someone else's car.

Now, Model B is wearing shorts, a snow hat and sneakers. Seriously, what are these two guys doing that they are always in shorts? Anyway, Model B opens his Xterra and looks for his ice scrapper. He starts screaming at his car when he realizes Model A never returned his scrapper. Hilarious!!! I have to give Model B a bit of credit because he went inside and returned with another scrapper. I'm not sure why he didn't give that one to Model A, but that's another point. Model B asked me why I was shoveling off my neighbor's sidewalk. My response, "She's 79, on oxygen, and has two blood clots. I figure I can spend the five minutes and help her out." He mumbled that my reasoning made sense. Hahaha, victory is mine! Model B then drove his Xterra away without spinning his wheels at all. Maybe Model B is the brains of the operation.

What would I do without these two guys. They've provided quite the entertainment over the past year and a half. When they lit their grill on fire still takes the cake, but watching Model A try to run on an icy street in flip flops was still hilarious.

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  1. Flip flops!? You have got to be kidding!! I would be freezing!!