Sunday, February 22, 2009

What will be on your mind during the Academy Awards?

Now, I know some people only watch the Academy Awards for the fashion. Others watch for what they hope will be interesting speeches. Plenty of people watch because they are routing for a certain picture to claim specific awards. All of those are solid reasons to watch tonight's telecast.

Here's a few things that will be going through my mind:

Who will win?
- Will Heath Ledger become only the second posthumous Oscar winner? (FYI- I'm pulling for him)
- If Heath wins, who will accept the award on his behalf? Normally, if an Oscar winner isn't in attendance the presenter graciously accepts on the winner's behalf. At least that's the unofficial rule ever since Brando sent in a proxy and caused a storm. As with every rule there have been exceptions or it just could be no one was going to tell Jane Fonda what she could or couldn't do.

- Is this finally the year that Kate Winslet wins an Oscar? Now, if she does, will she be plagued by speculation that voters were really voting for her two phenomenal performances in both The Reader and Revolutionary Road ? Will she be able to say anything while accepting her Oscar or will she pull a Julia Roberts and tell the little musical conductor man to shove off?

- The "no one can ever predict this award category" is definitely best supporting actress. Since Kate isn't in this category, it's a wide open field. Could Marisa Tomei finally throw six feet of dirt over that urban legend that Jack Palance read the wrong name? Or will Penelope Cruz take the award? Maybe Viola Davis will go all Judi Dench and win for making the most out of her short screen time.

- Who would give the better acceptance speech: Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn? My mind is set that Rourke would give the speech of the night, but I'm not sure he'll win.

- Will The Curious Case of Benjamin Button finally win a major award or will it continue its 0-300 streak in major award categories?

- Which film is going to win best picture? There are so many different scenarios right now that I have no idea.

The Drama:
- Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are both expected to attend tonight's Oscars. Jen is presenting and Angelina is nominated. Now, for me this says something. Both women will step up their game in terms of red carpet fashion. Both of them can be boring and wear too much black. I expect both of them to come out with something drop dead gorgeous. I know this might be heresy in some circles, but I think Jen wins the arm candy category. Of course, if Brad Pitt shows up sans facial hair and looking half awake, well then he wins all by himself.

- Did Javier Bardem cancel his appearance (he cited work commitments) because he and Penelope Cruz are no longer dating (or are they still dating?)? Normally, I don't think that would be a big deal, but it could be very awkward considering she is nominated for best supporting actress and he would have been presenting that award. That could have made for a fun encounter on stage.

- Back to Angelina. Will she give death stares to whoever does win best actress? Maybe she's learned how to fake happy since she's lost out on so many awards this season. I really, really, really, really want/expect the camera operator to keep the camera on Angelina when Jen is on stage presenting. The vein on her forehead might pop! That would be a good time for Angelina to head to the ladies room.

- What will Hugh Jackman include in his hosting duties? The man can sing, dance and look attractive with facial hair (a trait that Brad Pitt knows is difficult to pull off). More importantly, will Jackman leave his shirt on for any of his screen time? Or will he just make fun of George Clooney the entire time because George wasn't named Sexiest Man Alive?

- Finally, what with the Fug Girls say about all the fashion? I can't wait for all their posts next week!!!

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  1. I honestly didn't watch them, but I love your speculations!