Sunday, February 15, 2009

Has your dog ever...

... jumped onto your coffee table in order to soak up a few extra minutes of sunshine?

Until today, my answer would have been no, but as you can guess where this is going it turns out my answer changed today. Possibly, the answer changed a few days ago, but the hubs decided that since I'm the disciplinarian in the household it was better if I didn't know about Jewels latest odd behavior.

I was completely shocked when I witnessed Jewels examine the living room and deem it completely acceptable to leap onto the coffee table, like it was an every day activity. Normally, I would have freaked out, ushered her off the table and yelled, "NO!" Luckily for Jewels, I was in the midst of a Daniel Day-Lewis marathon (I'm feeling under the weather and laid out on the couch) and my energy levels just weren't into disciplining the dog. Instead, I called up to the hubs and upon seeing Jewels he goes, "oh, she's doing that again."


Now, I know many dogs love soaking up the sun, but from the few other Boston Terrier owners I've talked to, it seems that Bostons dial up the sun exposure to another level. It's like a sixth sense for Bostons. Jax and Jewels are always jockeying for optimal sun exposure whether they are in the house, out in the yard, in the car, etc. Most of the time Jax loses this battle because Jewels will just lay on top of him and force him out of his prime position. It's rather entertaining to see the little dog always win.

I just can't believe my dog thought it was okay to lay on the table! She's a spoiled rotten puppy, but she has some respect for order.

With the flash so you could see that she is clearly laying on the table. Good grief!!!


  1. While Memphis hasn't done this yet... I wouldn't put it past her for a last chance at sunlight!

  2. That look fantastic... part of me wishes that I could get away with that sort of action.

    My kitties have done that and if my dog were to ever try he would probably break the table or get a butt smack. How funny!?!?

  3. I love your cute. I want them!