Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New York recap (Part 3)

Today's recap is going to be devoted to one particular aspect of the trip up to NY- video games. Now, I have earned a reputation as being a "gaming hater." I randomly played video games as a kid, but stopped once I was in middle school. I just didn't see the point and I didn't exactly have a lot of free time to waste pounding away on some little remote. My deep hatred for video games continued into college when I almost broke a friend's PS2 remote. How the heck was I supposed to know the remote would vibrate in order to tell me to do something different? Not cool. I've tried to play a few times with the hubs and each time ends with me getting my butt kicked and then getting pissed. I don't think that was the intended result and that sour taste sticks with me.

But, it just might be that I haven't come across the right gaming system... until I met a Wii. Truth be told, I would much rather go outside and actually play a game of tennis, but I will admit that watching my little red headed character flip uncontrollably (oh wait, I am controlling her) is rather entertaining.

For the most part I played the role of spectator and enjoyed watching the hubs battle with my nephew. You would think the kid would have a rather sizable advantage seeing how the hubs has only played on a Wii a handful of times, but the gamer skills are strong in my hubs.

First up, a little game of Wii bowling.

Babe, you did not just trash talk to an 8 year old???

That's alright, Denzel just scored a point that basically told the old guy to shut up.

Different day and a different game. Wii tennis anyone?

Dude!!! Are you guys going to go outside at all??? There happens to be a ton of snow out there.

Alright, seriously this has got to stop. It's Christmas Eve and all you guys want to do is play video games. What happened to spending time with family???

You mean it isn't a Christmas morning tradition to play Guitar Hero??? Okay, the hubs and I are totally guilty for this one because we're the ones who gave the kid the game and guitars.

I present these next photos as evidential proof that it is a family trait to make weird faces while concentrating. Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Nailed it!!!

Clearly, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with video games, but I had to include it because its too cute. Meet Chance, my parents' poodle (now there is a sentence I never thought I would say).

To sum up, the hubs and I had a great time in New York. Next year we're going to switch holidays and go up for Thanksgiving. I'm a little bummed about that because the chance of having snow for Thanksgiving isn't as great as the chance of a White Christmas. I miss snow. Thankfully, the hubs and I have a ski trip planned in a few weeks and I'll get my powder fill in then.

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