Sunday, December 28, 2008

New York recap (Part 1)

Wow, I'm exhausted. The hubs and I went up to New York for Christmas. A whole week filled with laughter, snow, wine, Wii, Guitar Hero, dogs, presents, baking and family. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a recipe for fun in my book.

Initially, the hubs and I were going to make our 5 hour trek to NY on Sunday, but a weather forecast that included snow and ice forced us to push our trip up a day early to Saturday. I must admit, the trip up was breathtakingly beautiful. The region had been hammered the day before with snow and ice and that made for some fantastic scenery to gaze upon while driving. Of course I did the driving (um, growing up in the Catskills for me vs city driving for the hubs) and the hubs slept most of the trip. I think he woke up somewhere near Hazelton for a few minutes and then woke up again for good in Scranton. I'm pretty sure when he looked out the window in Scranton and saw a BMW flipped on its roof he thought he might want to be prepared for a sudden stop. Saturday's drive was one of those days where I was incredibly happy to be driving an SUV.

Today's post is going to be dedicated to the scenery up in New York. Again, I was incredibly fortunate to grow up where I did. The hubs summed it up when I was suiting up to go for a hike in the snow, "she misses the outdoors... and snow." Every single time I peered out a window I would sigh and say, "I miss this place. Look how beautiful it is!"

See, nature makes snow balls. Mother Nature is just begging you to throw them at people!

I have a slight obsession with icicles.
Hmm, I think there might be a tad too much snow to go camping.

My absolute favorite tree in the world.

Later in the week it rained/sleet/frozen rained. Pick your own term and that's basically what came down. It was cold, slippery and wet.

Last, but certainly not least, the lake. Crazy temperature swings didn't allow for safe ice skating, but I keep hoping that one year the ice will be thick enough for a massive hockey party on Christmas. Stupid global warming!!!

I think I was demonstrating to the hubs my fantastic slap shot technique.

His idea of smiling for a photo is a bit different than what I had in mind.
Alright, that'll do.

Hopefully, next year I'll do a better job with the photos and have a better camera (wink wink).

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