Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas cards are out!

Woohoo, I dropped off our Christmas cards earlier today at the Post Office. We sent out 25 cards, but hopefully next year we'll send out even more. Maybe even next year I'll make cute labels or jazz up the envelopes. I had ever intention of doing that this year, but a lack of printer ink killed that idea.

Here's the card distribution breakdown:
Arizona- 1
Florida- 2
Maryland- 1
Michigan- 1
New Jersey- 8
New York- 2
North Carolina- 1
Ohio- 6
West Virginia- 3

Hmmmmm, why do we live in Maryland again? Oh that's right because the bulk of our families live in either New Jersey or Ohio. I'm sure that those four-plus hour drives will come in handy when we'd like a babysitter. Good thing we're not having kiddos for quite a few years. Maybe we can convince a few family members to relocate to the Baltimore area.

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