Monday, December 29, 2008

New York recap (Part 2)

Today's recap is going to be dedicated to Christmas with the family. The hubs and I stayed at my sister's house and we opened presents there on Christmas morning. After we were done there we went over to my mom and dad's house and opened the rest of our presents. Then, everyone got ready and came back to my parents' house for Christmas dinner. The table was set for 34 people, but I think somehow a few numbers were shuffled and we only had 28 people. I know, tragic, spending Christmas with 28 members of your family. (I'm kidding!!!)

Denzel with Jewels. Can you believe I had to wake this kid up at 8am? What 8 year old sleeps in on Christmas morning???

Apparently, I open presents in a super human fashion. To be fair, I could sense that it was a new Coach purse and I was right!!!

Jax was a bit confused- eat the wrapping paper or play with the tennis ball. Decision, decisions, decisions.

Jewels seemed to enjoy terrorizing her new toy.

Denzel, my nephew, clearly had the most to open on Christmas.

You know that Mastercard commercial where the kid plays with the box instead of the expensive toy? Jax and Jewels are just like that. I swear their favorite part of the holidays is ripping apart boxes, wrapping paper and their ever favorite- the cardboard tube wrapping paper comes with.

Now, over at my parents' house. I can't believe I didn't get a decent picture of their tree. My brother, hubs and I found a little 12 footer for this year's party. Normally, we get a 14ft or bigger, but our normal tree farm was closed!

I risked death or exile from my father for putting a Santa's hat on his precious caribou. To be fair, I had help, the hubs filled the hat with newspaper because it wasn't standing up correctly. So ha! I'm not going down all by myself.

The fantastic centerpiece Ev brought with her.

My favorite aunt and my nephew.

We love this kid!

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  1. What fabulous pictures. The dogs, the family, the nephew, the caribou lol.