Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Card photo shoot

The hubs and I decided to send out photo Christmas cards this year. Well, I came up with the idea and he went along with it. We quickly looked over our photos from the past year and realized that we didn't have a single photo of both of us with the pups after my new haircut. Hey, when you chop almost 12 inches off of your hair, you need to use a new photo.

I set up my tripod, gave the hubs a few tennis balls (I'll get to that), and armed the 10 second timer on the camera. Our first location was quickly shut down because it was too cold outside and after a few takes the pups were shivering too much.

So here's a few photos from our little photo shoot.

The hubs looks scared. The idea was to throw a tennis ball over the camera and that would get the dogs to look at the camera. The hubs probably came close to hitting the camera on this take and was scared it was going to fall over.

Hmmmm, something is off in this photo. I swear my dogs didn't watch any crazy video tape and they haven't received any scary phone calls screaming, "seven days."

Okay, the lighting is off in this one. Plus, Jax wasn't cooperating and escaped from my death grip. (Also, we realized that the stockings in the background weren't working out.)

This was our runner up photo. It's cute, but we tried just once more to see if we could get everyone looking forward, no scary expressions and hopefully no crazy eyes.

Okay, we've got some doggy crazy eyes, but I think I can fix those in Photoshop.

Ahhh, there it is. Gotta give a shout out for The Pioneer Woman's photoshop actions (I love those bad boys).


  1. You seriously got me lol'ing by myself at home at the one of the dogs lunging at the camera! Hilarious!

    I love the final picture, well worth the effort!