Monday, August 18, 2008

Whew, another day and another Olympic moment

I think my husband deserves a gold medal. Not an Olympic medal, but I really should go out and buy him a medal.

Flashback to 2002- the guy couldn't name a single women's soccer player. He did remember that one soccer player who took her shirt off at some big tournament, but he couldn't recall her name. Yeah, that would be one Ms. Brandi Chastain. She took her shirt off after scoring the game winning goal at the 1999 World Cup. I watched that game at the National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum in Oneonta, NY. This is where my husband and I differ- I remember exactly where I was at that moment and he can't even remember Chastain's name.

See in 2002 is when my husband and I started dating. The poor guy had no idea what he was getting into. I was a soccer player, who happened to also be a baseball nerd and could swap stats with the best of guys, but my husband knew almost nothing about soccer. I figured it was only fair that I should share some of my soccer knowledge with him. It may have taken a few years to come along, but he's developing nicely. I almost teared up when he bought a soccer video game earlier this year.

This morning he called me and asked how he could watch the women's soccer game on the computer. I told him he probably had to download a plug-in, but he should be able to watch the game live. My husband deserves a gold medal because this morning, while at work, he watched the women's soccer team beat up on Japan. Yes, my husband goofed off at work and watched a soccer game. Most wives would probably be ticked if their husbands were watching sports all the time, but not me. I look at it like so- my husband took extra effort to watch a game that I love.

Babe, as a reward, I promise not to eat all the chocolate chip cookies we baked yesterday. I'll save you a few. Maybe Thursday morning you can go into work late and we'll watch the Gold Medal game together.

Go Team USA!!!!!!!!!
Update: While I was making dinner I asked my husband if he could go into work late on Thursday morning so we could watch the USA vs Brazil game. I really mentioned it as a complete joke, but dearest hubby quickly responded that he would go into work late or just work from home on Thursday. Swoon... best.husband.ever.


  1. I'm jealous, I'm not sure my hubs would even be able to tell me Brandi was the sports bra brandishing girl. :(

    I'm a soccer gal as well!