Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cuteness overload

I'm in a pretty odd mood tonight. The hubs, brother-in-law and I went to the Yankees vs Orioles' game this afternoon. The Yankees won, so I should be in a good mood, but I'm actually sad the O's lost. They came thisclose to winning. Daniel Cabrera took some of my advice and drilled Alex Rodriguez today. Hopefully, Bud Selig doesn't decide to suspend Cabrera again, since the last time he hit A-Rod he was handed down a six game suspension by MLB. My husband swears that anyone who throws inside to A-Rod is suspended. Usually, I would just laugh off his crazy statements, but sometimes it seems he's right on the money with his crazy talk.

Anyway, we had another great day at Camden Yards. The weather was a bit hot and the sun was definitely too bright for my red-head-self. Yeah, my legs are still burning from being an idiot and forgetting to reapply my sunscreen. I was meticulous about reapplying on my face, neck and arms, but I completely forgot to reapply to my ghostly pale legs. I think I may have to skip tomorrow's run since I'm known for running into random shrubs and that could be incredibly painful. It was so bright today that the crowd started cheering when the sun finally ducked behind a cloud in the third inning. The hubs even put sunscreen on today... that's saying something.

Jewels, apparently, didn't like the fact that her humans were away for a good portion of the day. I took her on an extra long walk this morning and the hubs played with her the rest of the morning before we left for the game. She's known for throwing a temper tantrum when she thinks we're off having fun without her. Jax, on the other hand, is so excited when we get home because he knows he gets to eat again. Anyway, Jewels decided that while the hubs and I were trying to watch the Olympics Closing Ceremony that she wasn't receiving our full and undivided attention. So, what is a 13lb dog to do in order to show she's unhappy? Well obviously she should dump the remains of her food bowl across the kitchen floor and then drag her now empty bowl into her kennel. There, she should act like a prisoner and throw her bowl around to make as much noise as possible. Mission Accomplished. The hubs and I ran out to the kitchen, cleaned up her mess, snapped a few pictures and then spoiled her rotten with hugs and kisses. If I acted like that I doubt my husband would react so positively. I guess that's the downfall of intellectual communication.

Here's Jewels and her empty food bowl. I know the lighting isn't great, but our kitchen isn't exactly a photo studio.
I swear in this picture Jewels is looking at the hubs and going, "hey, man human, you need to go in the fridge right now and get me some of that leftover pizza. I'm serious! Get me pizza now!" Ugh, she's too cute and she knows it!


  1. What did you think of the closing? I was kinda bored. and i thought boris johnson, the mayor of london looked like a hobo.

  2. I thought the ceremony dragged on and on. It was like a movie that overstayed its welcome, all I was thinking was, "okay, when is this going to end?"

    Of course I wanted more Jimmy Page and less Leona Lewis. Although, I'm glad that the organizers decided that while David Beckham is attractive he shouldn't ruin the moment by speaking.