Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy pouring buckets Batman!

Yesterday, one of those freak summer thunderstorms fell on my little area of Baltimore. Seriously, areas 15 minutes away from me didn't receive a single drop of rain. The storm lasted for over an hour and the rain just kept coming down. There were even a few pieces of hail tossed in just for fun.

The main road by our house was actually shut down due to flooding. All of the traffic was being rerouted on my street. Basically, it was one big nasty mess outside. My backyard flooded, part of my sunroom flooded and water was seeping into my kitchen. Not pretty at all! Thankfully, nothing is damaged. The carpet in the sunroom will dry out, as will the backyard. This weekend I'll probably re-caulk part of our kitchen wall.

I'm incredibly impressed that all of my plants survived. All of my sunflowers held up, which is surprising because during the last storm two of them bent over. I lost quite a few individual tomatoes, but the plants themselves look okay. This morning while I was walking Jewels I realized how lucky we were. I saw plenty of downed limbs and trees in other yards and on the street. I'm really thankful that nothing came down on our house or in our backyard.


  1. Lol at holy pouring buckets Batman, I don't think there would be a more apt title!

    *thanks for stopping by! I'm thrilled that you enjoy the Phunklab prints as much we do. I hope you were able to use my pic to sway the hubs!

  2. My mother said she got stuck in her car in Lutherville. She had gone to do some errands and then it started pouring. It was raining so hard that she didn't want to go into the store! I heard 3 inches!