Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Darn you Nikon

Nikon has just announced the release for their new D90 camera. This should be exciting news all around, but instead I'm confused. I've had my heart (and wallet) set on the Canon XSi for months now. I've read all the reviews, checked it out at various stores and convinced my hubs that I need this camera. One of my friends has the Canon XS and let me shoot with it a few weeks ago. The hubs quickly saw the look in my eyes when I gave the camera back to my friend. It was that same look people have when they are buying a house or when they see their first born child for the first time. Okay, that's a bit drastic, but I swear that's how the look comes across to my husband. I secretly wonder that he thinks if I get this camera my house buying lust will calm down and he'll have a few months of peace.

Woah, got a tiny bit off track there. Back to the camera discussion. I teetered on the Nikon vs. Canon debate for months, but I was finally convinced that the XSi was the camera for me. Now, Nikon has to go and introduce a new camera in the same class as the XSi. This means I have to do more research and go back to that dreaded Nikon vs. Canon debate.

I've been saving for months for a new camera. I want to upgrade from my little Panasonic point and shoot. I was hoping that a new camera would somehow elevate me from taking random little snapshots into an area where I would actually feel comfortable framing my own pictures. Plus, Jax and Jewels are just too darn cute for my meager camera. I can never seem to get the white balance adjusted correctly on my camera. Jewels usually has this odd glow look to her and Jax's white patches look ghostly white. Plus, my own pale self usually comes off with an eerie glare. I'm not a ghost, I just had the nickname "Casper" for awhile, that's all.

Sigh.... now I'm confused. I don't know whether to go ahead and buy the Canon or wait and check out the Nikon. The hubs had made a logical argument to wait and buy the camera on Black Friday. He's hoping that someone will offer an amazing deal and I'll save a few dollars. What he doesn't know is that all camera enthusiasts know it's really all about the lenses. I think I'm going to have to sell some organs on the black market in order to cover all my secret camera expenses.

For those of you who are camera enthusiasts, if you have any advice to pass along I would most graciously appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.


  1. I was kind of hoping that I could put this post out of my memory and pretend like I never read it, because I too decided on the Canon . . . but now you've opened the floodgates to research again!

    Also, my nickname was Casper in high school as well! lol.

    Soccer AND Casper? Crazy coincidence!

  2. My son, the photographer, is a Canon man. However, his sister and I as well as his sister-in-law are Nikon nuts (mainly because the quality seems on par and the price is lower - we have D40's). Go to and read all his reviews. He doesn't get paid for his reviews and we've found them to be unbiased. It should help you in your quest for quality and affordability (assuming that is your quest??)

    I know kpapa used a Canan Rebel and loves it - and who can argue with the GORGEOUS photos she produces??

  3. I'm having the same debate! I hope to buy a DSLR this December and I'm still undecided. I'm also thinking about the Canon 40D and since the 50D came out recently, I'm hoping the 40D will go down in price a little. Good luck with your search!