Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MLB is going high-tech

Breaking news: MLB will start using instant replay this Thursday. The use of instant replay will be limited to allowing umpires to check video replays for home run plays.

Mmmmmm..... I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I think it's nice that MLB is joining the rest of the advanced world and is integrating technology. Then, I think of how long some games drag on forever. Two out of the three baseball games I went to this past week (I know, you're jealous) pushed past the four hour mark. Thankfully, MLB hasn't gone off into NFL territory and is only allowing a limited edition of instant replay.

What bugs me the most about this whole situation is the timing of everything. Yes, I understand earlier in the season there seemed to be a new blown home run call almost every other day, but why introduce something like this in the midst of crunch time? Why not wait until the post-season, as had been advertised before, why the sudden rush now? I mean, what is the significance of starting this on August 28th???? I'm just fearful that this is going to to turn into a disaster- a la the World Baseball Classic a few years ago.

It's like Bud Selig gets these urges and then all of the sudden can't hold them in anymore. I'm slowly waiting for the day where he personally decides that Barry Bonds never played baseball and removes Bonds from every baseball log. Selig is the guy who in the past has claimed he'll thrown anyone out of the Hall of Fame he thought did steroids. I know quite a few people that have pull down calendars to President Bush's last day, can I get one of those for Selig? Oh wait, my heart was shattered earlier this year when Selig's contract was conveniently extended until 2012. I really thought this would be the last year I would have to suffer and acknowledge Selig, but I guess not. For all you Brett Favre fans out there- Selig announced his plan to retire a year before he retired. Us MLB fans had time to cry (tears of happiness) and then Selig changed his mind. Unfortunately, he decided to stay a whole additional term. That whole Favre debacle pales in comparison to what Selig did.

Anyway, look for instant replay beginning this Thursday. So ladies, if there is a male in your house that enjoys watching baseball, be prepared for him to tune into Thursday's games. I really want to see Ozzie Guillen go absolutely nuts and throw a TV set on the field. I'm not sure if that will actually happen, but it would be incredibly entertaining to watch. You know A-Rod is sulking somewhere because he had a clearly hit home run called a double earlier this season. He probably wants Bud Selig to go back and change his total home run numbers.... oh crap I just gave Selig a new project. Crap.

Just for fun, here's a picture of A-Rod getting drilled by Daniel Cabrera this past Sunday. Heck, for a little crappy point-and-shoot camera taken all the way from left field, I'm quite happy with this picture.

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