Monday, June 10, 2013

American Made Gift Ideas for the Men

Weber Grill // Trap Belt // Baseball Stadiums Tie // Men's French Terry Sweatshirt // Red Wing "Wabasha" Chukka Boot //  New Balance Running Shoe // Wood iPhone Case // The Old Bay Overnight Bag // Huntington Shirt // Nokona Baseball Mitt

Between Father's Day being right around the corner and my hubs passing his P.E. Exam I've had gift-giving for the guys on my head here of late. I should also add that my hubs's 30th birthday and our sixth wedding anniversary are coming up, which means I've been feverishly scribbling gift ideas on every spare inch of paper. If you're in need of a last minute Father's Day gift or you're planning ahead for the winter holidays (who are you?), don't worry I've got a few ideas for you.

The men in my life are pretty utilitarian when it comes to their belts. As in, remembering to wear a belt appears to be more optional than required from time to time. Thankfully this nifty Trap Belt by Chris Neal and available on Hudson Made is made near my hometown and is so cool men will actually want to wear it.  Make sure to sign up for Hudson Made's email list and you can save 20% on your first purchase.

If the men you know are shoe obsessed (like my hubs), then you can do no wrong with this Red Wing "Wabasha" boot.  If a cool boot isn't your cup of tea, then a New Balance running shoe will certainly appease the shoe lust.

There are two types of plaid in this world - good and bad.  Thankfully this Huntington shirt from Fly Apparel is the good kind. Complete with zippered cuffs and wooden buttons it's something that is going to last for years to come.

One of the major differences between men and women is the frequency in which they change their cell phone cases.  I know women who change their cell phone cases daily weekly or have specific cases for going out versus daily life.  I'm going out on a limb here, but men (in general) seem to be a bit more of "one and done" with cell phone cases.  This wood iPhone case from Carved LLC would work for every situation life can throw at a phone.  If you head over to check it out, also look around Made Collection to see a ton of other great items made in the USA.  Search for your state and see what's made local to you.

I don't know if there's a more summer appropriate activity than grilling over charcoal.  Good thing this Weber Grill is small enough for apartment dwellers, but packs enough punch for a family with hungry kids.  I bought the hubs a very similar Weber grill three years ago for his birthday and he won't even look at another grill.  Now smokers are a totally different beast :)

I'll be completely honest, the Old Bay Overnight Bag from Blue Claw Co. (Made in MARYLAND!!!) would be the type of gift I'd buy for my hubs and then steal every opportunity I could.  It's like the proverbial comfy sweatshirt.  Technically it would be his, but possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Speaking of sweatshirts, the Men's French Terry sweatshirt from Everlane is the crème de la crème of sweatshirts. It's a sweatshirt you'd actually wear outside of your house and be proud to run into people while wearing. It's a sweatshirt for fancy brunches or in situations where some dude in your life complains about having to dress up. You can say, "here, put on this sweatshirt."

Summer and baseball go together like lamb and tuna fish, which means if the baseball mitt that's been sitting in your basement is looking a little worse for wear  then you should pick up a Nokona. To sum up, my hubs has had his buckskin Nokona since high school and it still makes that distinct SNAP sound when we play catch in the backyard (surgery update - he's cleared for throwing activities!).  Yes, these mitts are a few pretty pennies, but these babies last and then last some more.  I think the true testament of these mitts is that after a fire burnt down the factory in 2006 the workers pieced together the custom leather dies for these gloves. You know a product is amazing when the people who make them go to that distance to ensure the product survives.  Gotta love those proud Texans!

Look if you were thinking of getting your dad a tie for father's day then at least get him a tie that shows off the greatest baseball parks in America.  And one that is made in New York City (GO YANKEES!).  Make sure to check out other USA made gifts on Uncommon Goods.

There you have it. A few American made gift ideas for the men in your life. If someone wants to buy me that Blue Crab Co. bag I'll gladly share it with the hubs!


  1. Ooh the wooden iPhone case is definitely my fav!

    Brooke du jour

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